Flight MH370, Blackbox Recorders, New Cars and FBI Agents

You’re probably wondering how I’m going to segway from airplane crashes to old school whips.  Well read on my friend!!
It seems the last couple of months I can’t avoid being inundated with news about the missing flight MH370 and the elusive black box.  If you want my opinion on the issue I don’t have one other than the usual: What we are hearing is a smoke screen to hide whatever is really going on,but I think we’ve all heard way too many opinions.  Anyway, let’s get back to the “black box”.  All this talk about the “black box” in airplanes makes me think about them in other forms of transportation.
For those of you who haven’t heard, beginning in September 2014 all cars sold in America will be required to be equipped with a black box.   Similar to the black boxes in airplanes, these will at a minimum retain pertinent information such as brake usage, acceleration, vehicle speed, seat belts on or off, and number of passengers at the time of a crash.  There is the possibility that it could contain GPS, voice recording ability, cell phone detection, and automated remote control.  This last one is really scary.
The possibilities of things going wrong here are endless.  let me just list a few scenarios:
1. You sell your car to a new owner and he then sells it to a stalker or con man who can review your home address and your favorite hangouts by looking at the black box GPS.
2. A hacker remotely taps into or steals your car and then taps into your black box to steal your personal data.
3. A really good hacker gets access to the remote controls and just decides to have a little fun with all of the cars on the road at the same time. Only problem is you and your children are driving on the freeway at the time.
4.You don’t make your student loan payment so the government remotely cuts off your car. Now you walk.
5. Your private conversations are monitored by a computer owned by the auto maker who then sells the information to research and marketing companies to target you.
6.  A crime occurs and you get blamed for it because authorities see that your black box indicates you were in the area at the time of the incident and therefore you are the most likely candidate to help them close the case and get home at a descent hour.
These are just a few possibilities and I could come up with many more, but you get the picture.  You need a classic car!!  Right now 96% of new cars have black boxes  so don’t bother with any cars made this century.  Former FBI agent Ted Gunderson once reported that any vehicle newer than 1992 can be turned off remotely.  So I would stick with that info.   
I always recommend going low key with everything and that includes the car you drive but if you want to be flashy there are plenty of classic cars out there to choose from. 

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