A Simple Reminder

There are a couple of things you should already know but I just want to keep them fresh on your mind.  I just happened to be reminded of one yesterday when I tried to buy a couple of items at a chain retailer.  Just to be clear, I did look around to see if any local vendors had the items I needed but I had to use the chain store.
When I was at the cash register trying to buy the items (with cash) the clerk told me he “needed” my email address.  For some reason this sort of thing stalls my brain out for a couple of seconds every time if I’m not prepared for it.  It’s psychological and it puts out the image to a persons brain that if you don’t give up the personal information you won’t get the items you are trying to buy.
It goes back to that old idea many of us have in our heads “if you don’t have anything to hide, then what are you worried about?”, Yea right.   These retailers will screw you 7 ways from Sunday given the right personal information.  So program this in your head right now: “NO, YOU DON’T NEED THAT”.  That’s all they need to know.  You are giving them cash for their crap from China and that’s that.  They don’t need anything else.
I have three simple things you need to have in your brain and you should be able to spit them out without hesitation when asked by anybody.  Here they are: NO, NO, and NO!  NO you can’t have my email.  NO you can’t have my phone number.  NO you may certainly not have my address!!
I know you know this already but this is just a friendly reminder.  If you give these private details up, you will regret it.

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