Don’t Miss the PBS Frontline 2-Part Special on Privacy and The US Surveillance State

Don’t miss the 2-part series on privacy called “United States of Secrets” which just aired on PBS Frontline. It is a truly disturbing look into how much our government (NSA) is spying on us.

If you are curious to learn more about how the NSA works, how companies like Google and Yahoo monitor and keep your data then check it out. What I found most disturbing was the letters issued by our government requesting carte blanche information from thousands of tech companies, instructing them to provide the information under the guise of national security, and then forbidding them from talking about the request to anyone. Image

Spoiler alert: they are spying on everything you do and they are storing the data! I feel so sick to my stomach right now.

So how can you protect yourself. Start here



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