Secret Emails In Your Draft Folder: A Really Bad Smart Idea

When I first started using email about 15 years ago I became aware that information transmitted could be intercepted by the wrong recipient and I wanted to come up with a safer form of communication.  That’s when I noticed the “drafts” folder which is on all the emails I have ever had.  I figured if I open a new email account, write an email and save it to “drafts” rather than sending it, I could then give the password to the intended recipient.  That intended recipient could then log into the account and read the message.  It would never be sent and only the parties involved would read it.  This is what I believed.  This was before I was awake to the truth.
I never used that form of communication because I never had the need.  If the occasion had arisen I had every intention of using it.  In hind sight I am very glad It never happened.  How was I to know that all the big alphabet agencies have labeled emailers who use this method as potential terrorists?  The NSA listens and watches all of us but if anyone uses the above described method they dial in and pay very close attention to you. 
If you try this method you probably won’t fool anyone.  The only good that could come out of it would be hiding information from your spouse and creating an email they could never get into.  I would rather get a divorce.
A perfect example of what I’m talking about would be the incident involving General David Petraeus.  At the time he was Director of the CIA and of course he had people listening in on his emails.  The story is all over the web but the short version is that he started an email account with another woman and used the above mentioned privacy technique.  It didn’t work and the media storm that followed reminded us all that if the director of the CIA can’t maintain his own privacy then we are all screwed!!  Petraeus was forced to step down from his position because he had a roll in the hay with a hooker.  It had nothing to do with his job performance.  He just made some bad email moves and he was out of work.(it’s not all bad.  I think he’s eligible for Obama care!!)  
The point is, don’t do this! 

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