Never Underestimate Your Adversary

I have in the past discussed communicating in codes and that is not the main point of this writing but I want to remind you that it is an important component to your security and privacy.  There are many complicated systems available on the market that profess to protect your data and encrypt your data.  I believe many of them do but to what degree?
I recall a radio interview I once heard with John Clark (Attorney for privacy expert JJ Luna) in which Clark advised the authorities were looking for Mr. Luna one time and certain law enforcement officers showed up at Mr. Clark’s unregistered apartment that nobody should have known about.  The incident involved a client Clark had rejected over a national security issue which leads me to believe that as long as you steer clear of espionage and treason you will probably be safe taking mediocre steps to protect privacy but then again a criminal with the technology these law enforcement officers had would use it for all sorts of evil.  
The enemy is out there and they are out to take advantage of any weakness you have.  Even a pencil neck geek who never sets foot in any type of physical arena can make a lot of money off of you.  Every year BILLIONS of dollars are made by just stealing personal information.  (By the way, I don’t steal but I could be classified as a pencil neck geek).
If nothing else I recommend you take the step of buying some encryption for your phone and computer.  If you want to be smart and creative then create your own encryption.  I am currently working on a form of communication that everyone can adapt which will be very difficult to break.  No code is impossible to break because if a man makes it a man can break it. 
Keep in mind that your brain is really the last frontier of privacy.  Many spies will tell you “2 people can keep a secret if one of them is 6 feet under” and unfortunately this proves true more times than not.  The only real way to keep a secret anymore is to keep it inside your brain.  In my opinion that just takes all the fun out of life, so what do you do when you need to tell something to your inner circle without being spied upon?   Let me give you a couple of tips.  When you need to have a board meeting the last place you want to be is a board room.  These places are known to be very dangerous for the individual who want to keep things private.  
If you don’t want yourself specifically heard saying something you should take one person for a ride and stop at a random place down a country road then get out and walk.  Then I would use the trick the mobsters used in the movie “Casino” when the lip readers were watching them.  Cover your mouth with your had while you talk.  If you are filmed at a distance it could be later analyzed by lip readers.  Then have that one individual relay the message to all the other board members.
If you need to communicate information to several people you may want to take them all on a drive or motorcycle ride to the countryside.  Pick a random spot to get out and talk to them.  After a few minutes pass interrupt the meeting and move to another spot a few miles down the road.  Have all involved in the conversation cover their mouth while speaking.  
If you have security concerns with the individuals involved then there is only one way to handle it.  You will need to get in a hot tub with no clothes on with the other person.  I have heard of people who have built a bubble at the bottom of a pool in which two parties could swim down to and then talk under water but that is just not convenient unless you know where one of those is.  The hot tub is about as good as it gets if you are alone with the other person.  You both get in the water and it is obvious neither of you is wearing a recording device and the bubbles will make a sort of sound to drown out the conversation to any onlookers.
The main thing you need to file away in your memory is NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR ADVERSARY!!

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