Did You Drop Your Wallet in The Washing Machine?

As privacy seekers some times we engage in practices that do not involve asking the bank, or the government or our mommy for approval. It’s not criminal activity, but it pisses a lot of entities off because they like to monitor our every move. When we do something that slips past the street cameras, the data mine fields and the automatic license plate readers on police cars and mounted at parks and recreation areas it tends to frustrate them. You may not have violated the law but it is sort of “Game On” for these entities and in their eyes it is up to them to make their move to bring you down to submission.

That opening statement is a blanket that could cover a lot of topics but today I am focused on the crime called “Money Laundering” or as Tony Montana called it “Washing Money”. When we hear the words we automatically think of guys like Tony or some white collar thug who is hiding his evil deeds through creative ways of cleaning up his money but it is important to understand that in the land of innocent until proven guilty (yea right!!) you could be swept up into this world if you can’t account for where your money comes from.
the machine
It doesn’t matter if you have worked construction and slept in a travel trailer for the past year to save your cash. You had better have some serious evidence to account for where that large amount of cash came from if you are investigated.
Allow me to give you a few tips. And NO, I will not assist any real money launderers to commit their evil.

Many times money laundering is associated with illegal drugs and business. Stay away from the drugs (don’t even use them) if you are working to amass large amounts of cash. If you get busted smoking a joint and then you are searched and found to have a large sum of cash then you will most likely get a laundering charge.

Money laundering is also associated with terrorism. If you are a terrorist fuck you. My concern is for the reader who may be business partners with someone abroad. Be very skeptical of your abroad partners. This is not just from the middle east. There are lots of potential terror organizations the privacy seeker would be better off not talking to.

In fact if you take on a business partner from anywhere you should look very deeply into where he or she is getting investment capitol. If your business partner is charged with something you will be as well. The biggest issue is not the amount of money but the source of it. Where did the money come from? Is that documented? I don’t like it any more than you, but if you go beyond those parameters consider yourself in the valley of the shadow of trouble.

I know I just said the origin is more important than the amount but the amount is very important. Any time ten thousand crosses the path of any authority (mostly banks) on it’s way to your hands or within your grasp an investigation is automatically triggered. That is what you will get from just about every publication and news source if you check around, but I have discovered over time that the number is more like eight thousand. You better be able to account for where that money came from.
Many creative individuals may think that perhaps dividing the amount and making two smaller transactions would be ok, and I would say it helps, but if you are investigated, the combined amount from a single source will be counted as one large amount and if you have 50 different sources which give you a small amount they could all be lumped in as one source if you can’t prove where all that came from. The media especially likes to report the largest number possible and your captors love to employ the media to sway public opinion.

This is not everything you need to know but it is a quick reminder that while seeking privacy you need to watch your steps. You will be increasingly looked down upon by entities who need your information to make money and those powercrats who just drink blood as their source of sustenance and in my opinion, Privacy Seeker, your blood is the purest!!

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