Robot, Driverless Cars: Safe or Just Another Loss of Freedom?

Recently, a driverless car was in Washington DC showing off. Creators from Carnegie Mellon University brought the car into town to allow members of the house of representatives to get a ride in this new invention. Unfortunately for the creators of this machine, the car broke down and rides had to be postponed, but several things should be noted here.

First of all, for those who have doubted the existence of driverless cars, you can now check all media outlets. They are real and today’s malfunction right in front of the
US congress is a perfect example of why I don’t want any part of them. However, at this time I will go out on a limb and predict a day will come when these Washington bureaucrats will be voting to only allow driverless cars on the road in the name of safety.

If you look at it from the high horse of a “law maker” it is overall a better idea to allow computers to control traffic. Of course there will be errors that may cause traffic jams, accidents and even deaths but the computer issues will still be safer than the public driving without controls on them. I want to say right now that I have no intention of riding in one of these vehicles – ever. If I wreck its my fault but at least I will be in control.

Which brings to mind the next problem with these things. There will be a master controller in charge of these things and that master controller can cut you off at any time. Perhaps you are late on your car payment, or you are going to vote on election day but the controller is sympathetic to the opponent of your guy so he just shuts you and a few thousand people down for routing maintenance. Don’t say they wouldn’t do that in a world where voter machines are rigged and Tea Party voters get audited. Forget it all!! I’m just not into these driverless cars. They are scary but be prepared. I’m predicting they will be very popular and at some point those of us trying to maintain our sanity by driving ourselves will be thought of as insane!!

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