Month: August 2014

You Have The Right To A Secret Identity!


Ever wonder about privacy online or about just being anonymous? So do many other people. Before the advent of the internet, it was much easier to maintain anonymity. These days it gets more difficult at every turn, whether using your home computer, your smart phone or just stepping out the door at home. But don’t lose hope; there are like-minded individuals out there fighting for freedom and privacy, and it’s a worthwhile, noble fight. It’s a classic struggle of good versus evil, although many people who are not awake cannot see this.

Check out this interesting website:

Project Secret Identity is fighting the good fight. And having fun too. Care to join in? Every revolution starts with baby steps. Let it first start in your mind, and then take a baby step toward protecting your privacy!

Catching Intruders

I want to start off by saying if you think there is a burglar in your house and you are able to retreat to a safe area to call the police that is what I recommend.  I would only be a fool to try and teach you how to “safely” clear a building in one day; much less a written blog.  The police do this every day and they would probably enjoy the opportunity to do it.  However, there are many situations that could present themselves where seconds count but the police are minutes away.  Or you have no phone service, you are trapped inside with the burglar, or the burglar is going to get to something sensitive that you can’t let get out.  
Whatever the situation, I’m going to give you a few simple pointers if you have to handle something on your own.  Please keep in mind these are not sure fire techniques and if you want to be Rambo you need to consider the possible consequences long before this situation presents itself.  
1 burglar
Once again, I don’t guarantee anything here.  That includes your health, your safety or the Scotchgard on your carpet!  Here you go:
First of all that guy you see clearing a building with a pistol should be a police officer.  Police multitask and a pistol works for them because they have other things to do.  You need a 12 guage shotgun.  You are going to have an adrenaline rush so, the shotgun will help your aim a little bit with its powerful wide range, short travel distance load.  This will keep innocent bystanders from getting hurt with any missed shots that may go through the wall. (While I’m on this subject please please PLEASE remind anyone with access to the area you are defending that milling around the unauthorized area could result in a tragedy.  Many people accidentally shoot family and friends in these types of situations.  Don’t be that person.)
Secondly, you will need a flashlight mounted on your 12 guage shotgun so when you point it in the dark you can clearly see what you are aiming at.  This should prevent you from shooting someone in the wrong place at the wrong time or a pet.
This may seem like a lot but as I stated earlier.  Now is the time to decide if you want to be the person who takes matters into his/her own hands.  If you are then now is the time to properly prepare. 
Here’s the basics when you enter a structure: If you stand in a doorway (day or night) the backlight around your body creates a perfect target for a bad guy to just destroy with guns, knives, rocks or anything else he wants to aim at you.  So when entering, spend as little time in the doorway or near a window.  That means you should be moving at the speed of light when you pass by them.  Or at least 1500 feet per second.  
The TV programs that show people duck behind couches are just TV shows.  Couches don’t stop bullets.  If you are being fired at you may want to be behind something solid. 
A partner going into a building can turn out to be your worst enemy if the 2 of you haven’t already rehearsed this scenario.  I recommend the partner stays out of it or goes first.  This way you are safe.  I have had partners do some of the craziest things when it gets hectic.  I have been grabbed in a sort of hugging manner so they could use me as a shield and I have had them dive at the ground and grab my feet.  Don’t laugh because you could be that guy.  Nobody knows what they will do under pressure, but my point is that sometimes a partner can get you hurt. Some of them just get shaky behind you and their weapon goes off by accident.  Not a good thing but lucky for me that has never happened in my career yet.
Another aspect of preparing for this situation is just walking your residence at night.  Visualize the situation.  Visualize where you would hide or what you would do if you were a bad guy and try to fix that area to make it inconvenient and disadvantageous for him.  Walking the house or business at night will show you new shadows and angles you normally wouldn’t see in the day.  Keep in mind however, this situation could happen in the middle of the day which will present different challenges.  
Keep in mind a bad guy that takes a good position in your home can sit and wait for you.  When you come walking through with a light you could be easily ambushed.  It is just about impossible for you to walk through the building with a flashlight undetected but you should try to be as quiet as possible to see if you hear anything from the bad guy or bad guys.  This way you could pinpoint their location and multiply your chances at success.  (On that note.  Keep in mind there could be multiple invaders.  Just because you catch one doesn’t mean others aren’t about to ambush you).
If you are in the residence when the intruder comes calling you are best to get on the phone with authorities and tell them you are in the house and you will remain there until they arrive.  Of course, as mentioned before, you may not have a phone or they could be going for sensitive information.  In that case I hope you have followed my advice: PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE!!
I hope this limited information hasn’t excited you because my goal here is really to convince you against ever having to do this sort of thing.  My one last idea on this subject is that when you leave you should always leave everything situated exactly the same.  This way if a different light is on when you pull into the driveway you can just avoid the whole situation and call for backup.  If you walk inside and a door is open that should have been closed you can back out and call for backup.  Letting a professional handle something should not be considered an affront to your abilities.  It’s just smart.
I value human life above anything else so for me in this situation, I would do everything I could to avoid any confrontation.  A simple alarm would be great.  I have advised on getting a guard dog in a previous blog.  I am going to continue this blog next week with a part 2 of “Catching Intruders”.  Next week it will be about catching spying devices in your home or business.

What’s in Your Drink?

Summer is here again and I could do the after school special thing and tell you to say no to drugs and alcohol but I believe my audience is a little more progressive.  So with that said let me give you some serious information about watching your keister while you are out in the club or at a party involving close proximity to others.
margarita spiked drink
The most important thing for all of you to remember is that while you are in close proximity to others watch your drink at all times.  This gets more and more difficult as you become more inebriated and many of you at this point may not care.  You may be saying “I’m not worried about date rape”.  Well this blog is not about date rape.  I’m writing this for those who don’t wish to become compromised in any way. You may remember the case of  media icon Andrew Breitbart who dropped dead of a “heart attack” after a couple of drinks.  Suspicion and speculation surround the death of Mr. Breitbart but the bare bones of the incident are this:  He was at the peak of his career and he had made a lot of enemies with his style of journalism which left a lot of communists out in the cold with their pants down, so to speak.  
This blog is nonpartisan so don’t get the idea that I’m taking sides here.  I’m just saying a couple of drinks at a pivotal time in your life could spell the end of your career as a living person.  Even more scary in the Breitbart case was the fact that he had infiltrated a dinner with several prominent communist leaders a month prior to his death.  There is always the chance he didn’t actually infiltrate anything and they knew he was there the entire time and just had him poisoned with a time delayed poison.  Yes, these things do exist but my hypothesis is only speculation.  I just want my readers to be aware of  the possibilities.  Also keep in mind you may have to really piss someone off to get them to go to that extreme.  Then again, maybe not.  Angry spouses attempt to whack their significant other on frequent occasions.  Just watch a “Forensic Files” marathon next time you get bored if you don’t believe me.
You also have to keep in mind that you could easily be framed for a crime or find your self the perpetrator of one of those mass shooting/ suicides if you don’t watch yourself.  As mentioned earlier, date rape is always a possibility for many people but all should take heed because once you are drugged you are under someone else’s control.  More importantly you are at their mercy and I’m not expecting any favors from a person who would secretly drug another.  
In my day to day activity I am able to listen to some of the most unscrupulous citizens of the world as they shamelessly discuss their crimes and ask each other for advice.  The information I get from time to time would make just about any sane person lock himself inside and never come out again.  I am not sane!!  Now let me give you some quick advice.  The most trendy drug I have noticed recently is known by the street name “Molly” (mostly pure MDMA or extacy).  People are recreationally using this drug but it is also being slipped into the drinks of unknowing victims.  I recently listened to another individual advising that he premixes the drinks before working his way around the bar and talking to his target.  I have a simple trick that will save you from this scum bag:  NEVER TAKE AN OPEN DRINK FROM ANYONE.  Buy your own drinks and open them yourself.  The end.
I strongly advise you always take a partner with you when you are in a crowded situation and I don’t mean a panzie!!  This needs to be someone who could actually take on the person who drugs you and get you out of there.  Partying, socializing, and espionage comes with risks but you can reduce them by preparing yourself.  Plan out what your intentions are before you walk into a crowded room because the enemy definitely has their game plan in order.
Stay safe and enjoy your summer.