What’s in Your Drink?

Summer is here again and I could do the after school special thing and tell you to say no to drugs and alcohol but I believe my audience is a little more progressive.  So with that said let me give you some serious information about watching your keister while you are out in the club or at a party involving close proximity to others.
margarita spiked drink
The most important thing for all of you to remember is that while you are in close proximity to others watch your drink at all times.  This gets more and more difficult as you become more inebriated and many of you at this point may not care.  You may be saying “I’m not worried about date rape”.  Well this blog is not about date rape.  I’m writing this for those who don’t wish to become compromised in any way. You may remember the case of  media icon Andrew Breitbart who dropped dead of a “heart attack” after a couple of drinks.  Suspicion and speculation surround the death of Mr. Breitbart but the bare bones of the incident are this:  He was at the peak of his career and he had made a lot of enemies with his style of journalism which left a lot of communists out in the cold with their pants down, so to speak.  
This blog is nonpartisan so don’t get the idea that I’m taking sides here.  I’m just saying a couple of drinks at a pivotal time in your life could spell the end of your career as a living person.  Even more scary in the Breitbart case was the fact that he had infiltrated a dinner with several prominent communist leaders a month prior to his death.  There is always the chance he didn’t actually infiltrate anything and they knew he was there the entire time and just had him poisoned with a time delayed poison.  Yes, these things do exist but my hypothesis is only speculation.  I just want my readers to be aware of  the possibilities.  Also keep in mind you may have to really piss someone off to get them to go to that extreme.  Then again, maybe not.  Angry spouses attempt to whack their significant other on frequent occasions.  Just watch a “Forensic Files” marathon next time you get bored if you don’t believe me.
You also have to keep in mind that you could easily be framed for a crime or find your self the perpetrator of one of those mass shooting/ suicides if you don’t watch yourself.  As mentioned earlier, date rape is always a possibility for many people but all should take heed because once you are drugged you are under someone else’s control.  More importantly you are at their mercy and I’m not expecting any favors from a person who would secretly drug another.  
In my day to day activity I am able to listen to some of the most unscrupulous citizens of the world as they shamelessly discuss their crimes and ask each other for advice.  The information I get from time to time would make just about any sane person lock himself inside and never come out again.  I am not sane!!  Now let me give you some quick advice.  The most trendy drug I have noticed recently is known by the street name “Molly” (mostly pure MDMA or extacy).  People are recreationally using this drug but it is also being slipped into the drinks of unknowing victims.  I recently listened to another individual advising that he premixes the drinks before working his way around the bar and talking to his target.  I have a simple trick that will save you from this scum bag:  NEVER TAKE AN OPEN DRINK FROM ANYONE.  Buy your own drinks and open them yourself.  The end.
I strongly advise you always take a partner with you when you are in a crowded situation and I don’t mean a panzie!!  This needs to be someone who could actually take on the person who drugs you and get you out of there.  Partying, socializing, and espionage comes with risks but you can reduce them by preparing yourself.  Plan out what your intentions are before you walk into a crowded room because the enemy definitely has their game plan in order.
Stay safe and enjoy your summer.   

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