Month: September 2014

Honor Among Thieves

Recently the CIA has admitted to spying on the Senate.  Although this should come as no surprise to those of us in the privacy community there are several notable points that come out of this little scandal.  One of them of course is for us all to remember that all things and deeds hinge on technology.  They do not hinge on permission or legality or the biggest joke of all; honor.  If the technology is there you can bet your life it is being used.  I can give you an endless supply of examples like tracking cookies that nobody likes or GPS tracking devices that are put on the vehicles of unwilling stalk victims every day.
In this case congressional staffers were secretly spied on and I’m guessing none of them volunteered to be a part of this cat and mouse game.  Never the less, it was technologically possible and it was done.  No questions, no notifications and not even an agreement form were sent to these people.  If you think like me, at this point you have probably all but run out of “give a damn” for these over paid, under-producing, so called “representatives”.  It may serve them right to be spied on but I hope we can all take home an important lesson from them.  If you make yourself vulnerable in any way, you should expect to be compromised because the people with the technology don’t play by rules.  Some times it may be for good and other times there are nefarious purposes behind the spying but I prefer my privacy.  Knowing this I just make it a point to not speak, write or make hand gestures unless I know that the venue is secure.
My second point here is to bring up the sort of funny feeling I get that sort of makes me want to laugh and vomit at the same time.  This phenomenon is inspired by the reactions of both Republican and Democrat senators when they were made aware that they were compromised.  This scandal just happens to perfectly coincide with the Edward Snowden scandal that erupted about this time last year.  In the Snowden scandal, however, it was revealed that 300 million non-powerful peasant Americans were being spied on without their consent.
At the time Snowden exposed that Americans were being unwittingly spied upon some of these same (no victims) Senators were calling for the arrest of Snowden, calling him a traitor to our country and demanding that spying on the phone calls and emails of everyday average citizens was legal and necessary.  Now that the tables have turned these Senators are crying the blues.  As I said earlier, it’s funny, but I really want to puke right now.
bad doggie
Before I go any further I want you to know I do not like “The Young Turks” personally, but this youtube video I found was an excellent compilation and is right on target with what I am explaining here.CIA Spying On Congress Sparks Outrage But…
Yes, there is trouble in paradise to say the least.  The powers that lord over us, the peasants can’t even get along with each other.  Yes, these senators have a right to be angry and they should be since the CIA was intended to protect us from attacks outside the U.S.A.  but as these senators put their foot down an wail about arrests, criminal activity and a full investigation I wonder a few things.  Where was the representation of their constituents when it was revealed we were the victims of unwarranted phone taps, computer hacks and for lack of a better term, Burglaries?  Allow me to answer my own question.  They are elitists who care nothing about anyone but themselves.  There is no honor among thieves!!!

The Rejection Hotline and Some Other Stuff

About ten years ago after a night on the town I discovered the rejection hot line (the hard way!!).  For those who don’t know the rejection hotline was designed for girls to give out when they are asked for their number by a guy they have absolutely no interest in but want to avoid any awkward situations.  The exchange goes off without a hitch and then the next day when they guy tries to call he gets a recorded message advising he has reached the “rejection hotline”.
phone keys
If you want to use this number when put in a bad position by a psycho stalker or a psycho corporation who just wants your number to sell or use for future harassment and sales calls here is the original number:   605-475-6968
There are variations like the Psychiatric Hotline at 605-475-6967 and many others at  “
I recommend using this from now on when you get asked for a phone number from a jerk that shouldn’t be asking.
Now that we have handled that I also want to let you know I’m going to soon create a rejection email.  This is just going to be an email address that you can write down for the same jerks that don’t really need any of your personal info but for some reason still ask for it.  You could of course tell them that you don’t have a computer when they ask for the email address, but I have always thought of it as a sort of revenge for these corporations to think they have something they really don’t.  That way when a large percentage of the emails turn out to be fake they won’t have a clue why their internet spamming is not yielding good returns.
The next issue is the address question.  Giving out your address is about as good for you as a hole in your head, so lets explore some options.  If you want a good laugh you can always give out the address of a disliked political figure but that could backfire if there is someone within earshot that already knows the address.  I prefer to give the address of the city dump so when the junk mail comes it is right near the place it belongs.  Now that’s saving city resources!!!
All of these are great options but the most important thing for you to keep in mind here is that most of you will get stage fright the first time you try these.  It just happens.  You will be blind sided or surprised by someone asking you this information and then you will freeze.  You will know what you are supposed to do but you won’t remember the information.  You have to memorize this stuff.  That includes the name you are going to use.  Make it a common name and make it yours.  You can still use your real name for friends and you have to use it for the police (trust me you can’t lie to the police and you shouldn’t) but for all these other places you should have a name and the rejection hotline number that flows out of your mouth confidently.  This just takes a little practice and for you to be anticipating that it will be asked of you at some point.  Don’t get caught off guard.  This is just part of protecting yourself and your identity against criminals and unscrupulous people.
simpsons reject

Bin Laden, Border Jumping for Privacy and Food Security

First of all I know last week I promised a “part II” for the “Catching Intruders” blog but something has just come up that I find time sensitively intriguing!!  A friend of mine was contacted yesterday by a friend of his advising he wants to become a prepper”  because a friend of his (allegedly a police officer) advised there is a high probability of an ISIS terror attack on the US Mexico border between now and 9-11 of this year.  I suppose this is the way it always is in the PI world where I have to play 3 layers of possible truth or BS roulette to bring out the actual truth.  I just want to say that in my opinion it is prudent to have a 30 day supply of everything you need at all times and not just for terrorists.  Storms, quakes, currency collapse or just general hard times can be gotten through with just a basic 30 day supply of the items you use on a daily basis.  This wouldn’t even make you a “prepper” in my book.  Preppers have at least 1 years supply of what they need and in hard times could ration it for at least 2 years.


Now, I also want to say that the probability of a terror attack is always a big possibility every year around 9-11 and this year is a good one for several reasons.


  1. The US is fighting wars against multiple enemies on multiple fronts and appears to be ambiguous on who’s side they are on (as in the case of assisting ISIS in Syria while fighting them in Iraq).  This means an exponential number of enemies to our country and possible terrorists.
  2. Every year that goes by since 9/11/2001 is another year that the terrorists have to study the holes in US security and when they think they can make a bigger statement than the first 9-11 they will do a second 9-11.
  3. This is the biggest one of all.  There is glaring hole in the nations security that is well known to the world.  The problem is known by everyone and their dog.  If you haven’t already guessed it is the US and Mexico border.  For those who have yet to see it, here is a video of investigative reporter James O’keefe dressing up as Osama Bin Laden to cross the border on foot and then walk out to the highway.  He then makes a second crossing using an uncontrolled foot bridge without even getting his feet wet.


James O’Keefe as Osama bin Laden crosses border from Mexico to US

border crossing

You may be wondering where I’m going with all of this.  Well, just to let you know border crossing and terror are not my business but when I see undocumented crossing my mind races to the thought of informing my readers of a methods they may employ to keep their privacy.  If ISIS does attack does it mean they will just blow something up and leave or does it mean they are going to seize ports and try to advance north?  Will they try to attack multiple cities at once or will it even be ISIS?  What about North Korea?  If the ports are locked up these desert areas may be your only escape if you find your self on the run from a foreign army and collapse of the country is imminent.


If you want to do a border crossing without going to a port there are several legal things you need to know and some safety tips you may want to heed.  First of all let me tell you I’m not responsible for your arrest, deportation or any time you may spend in the custody of roving desert kidnappers seeking ransom because all these things are possible in the border region. Now let’s get to what you need to know.


Crossing back into the USA (even if you are a US Citizen) is prohibited unless it is at an official point of entry.  Below I have a link that explains the situation very plainly on the Customs and US Border Patrol web site.  The link does however explain that you will face no US charges by leaving the US to Mexico or Canada by walking across the border anywhere.  You could be charged with something in those other countries because they do require entry through an official point of entry.  I don’t think all this will matter to you if you are running for your life but I just want you to know what the deal is if you are in that position.


If you want to bring goods across the border into Mexico you also have to take those through an official point of entry.  If you get caught in Mexico driving an out of country tagged vehicle with no official authorization the Federales will seize your vehicle (you won’t get it back) and take you to jail.  Illegal immigration into Mexico is also a felony in Mexico.  I’ve been told they usually don’t enforce it when you are in town spending some greenbacks but let the dollar collapse or just be there broke and you could be in trouble my friend.


My suggestion would be to use this option as a very last resort but keep it in mind because you never know when you will be painted into a corner.  If you will start working now on putting aside food and supplies that you use on a daily basis and build your home in the location you want, in a way you prefer then you should never have to flea.  However, prepping lessons are for another time.  Stay safe!!


PS – September is National Preparedness Month. It’s a great time to purchase stored food at a discount!

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