Month: October 2014

Ebola: Are You Listening to Me Yet?

ebola bug
Let me start off by saying that I think the Ebola scare is probably just about 1 tier above the swine flu scare we had a couple of years ago that turned out to be nothing.  This Ebola thing is real and it is dangerous but if you stay away from Africa, Hospitals and people who go to Africa and hospitals you will probably be well.  I will not be taking any shots if a shot comes out because in my opinion shots are crap but if you want to help make drug companies rich be my guest.
This Ebola problem may blow over with a few hundred deaths but make no mistake about it there are plenty of evil scientists throughout the world who are trying to brew up the deadliest batch of goo ever imagined 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  It is just foolish to live in a little bubble (like the media presents) thinking that these evil geniuses are not out there.  Some of them are just mad scientists that think the world would be a better place without humans and they would drop us all if they could.  Others are the type like the character “Dr. Evil” played by Mike Myers in the Austin Powers trilogy.  These individuals would like to dominate the world but would also settle for a few hundred billion dollars.  They just have to create a deadly virus, scare people through the media and then come up with the vaccine.
Problem + Scare Tactics + Manufactured Solution =  $Billions for Mad Scientists
I explained these things for one simple reason.  If we make it through the Ebola scare that’s not the end of it.  Attacks (especially attacks on America) will continue.  At some point they are going to get it right.  The human body is resilient but as technology increases and hateful ideologies from Communists grow together it is inevitable that the killer bug will be here at some point.
Prepare yourself to be insulated against this threat.  You must work on growing your immune system and that starts with avoiding the crap that is sold at eye level on store shelves.  While we are on the subject of store shelves, lets also discuss what will happen in a real outbreak.  The store shelves will be empty and you won’t want to come into contact with the checkout girl in the first place.  You can turn on the internet and look at all sorts of grim scenarios related to this if you want.
ebola workers
It is vital for you to start your private life and plan right now.  You need to be growing things you can survive on and stocking up so you won’t need those things from the store  when disease hits.  Follow this blog every week to get advice on privately doing these things.  Privacy is a must when prepping.  The two go hand in hand.  We focus on privacy but if you are preparing for the future you will need to maintain your privacy so those hungry diseased non-prepared neighbors don’t kill and loot you.
empty shelves 2

Wireless Privacy

Several people have recently expressed to me that wireless privacy is impossible.  With the big alphabet agencies spying any chance they get and electronic design companies along with wireless providers all colluding with them they have a right to suggest an uphill battle to say the least.  It is entirely plausible that the employees of the big agencies fighting terrorism have good intentions but let me assure you that the employees of these wireless companies and the people they know have the potential to be very unscrupulous.
For those of you who are not on the front page yet I will eliminate any of your doubt.  Warrantless wiretaps are happening and the need for warrants is just on certain levels.  If your phone or other wireless device is not tapped you still have problems because the wireless providers maintain your wireless data.  At random times agencies ask the wireless companies for that information and they give it up without a fight.  Finally, I think we all know that when you erase data in these devices it is not really erased and a professional can retrieve it.  In the end the single person is no match for this mountain of conglomerations and forces with unlimited budgets.
drone strike
So the question remains; How can an individual use a wireless device and maintain privacy?  After all, in the 21st century this technology is necessary at times; especially for those who are not independently wealthy and a 9 to 5 requires these devices.  The answer is not an easy one.  You can do all the research on the internet and in books.  After days of reading and watching videos you will feel comfortable, but let me assure you that you are not safe.  Well, you may feel safe, but you are still being monitored.
The only answers just happen to be the answers you will find right here at
1.  You have to build a second wireless life.  If you are doing anything on a wireless device under
     your name then you are in the game.  If you want to step out of the game you will need to remain anonymous while using the devices.  It is unfortunate it has to be this way but criminals are
     watching you.
2.  You will need to have dedicated devices.  Any time you have an electronic device you need to
      decide if it is going to be yours (in your name) or anonymous.  The two will never go together.
      Once you use a device under your name then your name is forever linked to that particular device including what happened before you used your name on it and what happens after you use your name on it.
3.  You will need to unplug them and remove the batteries.  The satellite is tracking you everywhere you go with your wireless device so if you don’t take the batteries out and keep it off while you are home the drones will know where you live.
It is my understanding that if you piss off a drone operator you can expect something other than St. NIck down your chimney this year!!  Have a nice week.

Catching Intruders – Part II, Including Corporate Intruders!

A few weeks ago I wrote the blog, “Catching Intruders”, about how to deal with a burglar in your home or business.  This is the sequel and this time it’s not about a person.  It’s about devices in your home that have found their way inside and are now spying on you.

The simple part of this blog will be to explain to you that a maintenance man or a burglar or even a “trusted” neighbor can slip hidden cameras and recording devices inside your home.  The sneaky devices are as numerous as grains of sand on a beach.  They could be hidden inside toys, placed in vents, or set up in a tree or near a window by your house.  The easy part is telling you that there are devices you can purchase to find most cameras and recording devices in and around your home.

spy cam

There are radio frequency detecting camera finders that just pick up signals that would be typical of a wireless camera and alert you.  This device is a quick easy way to detect wireless cameras only; but, if there are cameras that are not wireless or are on a frequency not picked up you will have to do a little work.  The other device is a hand held camera finder that allows you to look through a little infrared site and pan the room looking for a reflection from the camera lens.  If you think there are cameras watching you I recommend both tools.  If you look on the internet you will see that everybody and their dog is selling these items and at present time I have none of them sponsoring me so I can only make one recommendation.  The Spy Exchange in Austin, Texas is where I purchased some nice equipment in the past.  They are a brick and mortar store.

Just to cover my bases I will tell you that if you own a smart phone there are apps you can purchase to help detect spy cameras, but if the same people spying on with a camera have access to your phone activity then you will be tipping them off.

Keep in mind if you discover a camera you could be being watched in live time.  If you detect a camera you could be in danger at that moment.  My instinct would be to leave it there and try to catch the guy in the act when he comes to retrieve his device.  I might set a bear trap to spring on him when he goes to change the tape or I could just give him some dancing lessons by teaching him the Glock 9mm shuffle (it’s a freestyle dance).  The prudent thing to do, however would be call the police and let them inspect the evidence.  I would say typically it’s going to be someone you know and maybe even someone you trust but the way things are now it could just be anyone electronically spying on you.

This brings me to my next point and this is the hard part.  Well, it’s easy to tell you but it’s hard to beat the bad guys on this one.  Just about every modern appliance in your home is collecting some sort of data on you.  The cable box is listening to you and sometimes watching you. The TV is watching you and sends that information to marketers.  If you have those new “energy saving” light bulbs they are interfacing with your computer webcam and sending out messages to advertisers and the electric company through your “smart meter” that actually reports everything electrical in your home to the electric company.
smart meter
Electric companies have even begun discriminating against customers who don’t have a smart meter.  TXU, in central Texas is now offering a “free nights” program.  The title explains it all!!!  Free nights for all TXU customers……….Well NOT QUITE!  To participate in the free night’s program you have to have a smart meter.  I liken this to the old “Jim Crow” laws the south used to have to keep blacks from benefiting from some of the amenities whites enjoyed.  Looks like no smart meter is the new black!  Some of you may think I’m exaggerating here and some may say “hey idiot they have to use your smart meter to monitor the time and usage”.  You are wrong.  So much electricity gets wasted at night it should be free for everyone every night.  To give you a small understanding of just how much excess electricity there is at night consider this:  The Helms Pumped Storage Plant near Fresno California pumps water out of a reservoir and up the mountain to a reservoir at higher elevation during the night, and then uses the gravity fed power from the water going down the mountain during the day.  I’m not trying to give a science lesson.  I just want it to be clear that power companies are just another part of the machine that will continue to make you pay more and feel like an outcast because you are not doing the “cool” thing and getting a smart meter.
Further, if you don’t mind the electric company spying on you then you don’t know the whole story.  The electric company has a deal with the highest bidder or the bidder with a warrant.  Many people who use a substantial amount of energy have been raided by SWAT teams in the early hours of the morning because law enforcement determined that a high probability of a drug lab or grow farm existed at the home because of the electricity use.  Some of these people had pet reptiles or birds that needed heat lamps while others just pulled a lot of power for perfectly legal reasons.  This misunderstanding won’t help any of us sleep better at night.

So how do you avoid getting SWAT teamed at 3am, spied on by your appliances and ripped off by the electric company because you refuse to install a spy meter?

1.  Get off the electric grid.
2.  While getting off the grid stop using “smart” appliances.  Use original style light bulbs.  Go “old tech” with everything because the new appliances are rigged to send a signal back to the electric company essentially saying “hey!  I’m the coffee maker” or “Hey!! I’m the TV.  I’m tuned to football.”
3.  Get off the entire grid.  The electric company is not alone.  Gas, water/sewer, and cable are all in this one together.  They want to watch you for a  variety of reasons but they all equal loss of privacy for you.

Getting off the grid is not an overnight process but neither is the attack plan of evil.  Get started now and make a plan to get to a place where you can sustain yourself without being told “you don’t get this discount unless you have a smart meter”  or  “you can get a discount if you just let us install this device on your TV”.   Time is wasting away, so be sure to take at least one small step toward your goal every day and soon you will be free of the matrix!

p.s.: Don’t expect the ACLU to file a discrimination law suit on behalf of spy meter victims having to pay more.  It is all up to you.

Keeping Your Information Secure: Mail, DNA and More

Today when I stopped in at one of the places I sleep from time to time I was informed that one of the trash cans at the residence had come up missing since my last visit.  When I heard this I automatically caught a chill up my spine.  It’s that same feeling you get on the road when you pass the highway patrol.  Whether you’re speeding or not the uneasy feeling just overwhelms the body for a second and fight or flight just kicks in.
I instantly knew I had nothing to worry about because I don’t throw sensitive information haphazardly in the trash.  I burn anything sensitive and scatter the ashes in a flower bed or garden.  However, I can’t help but let thoughts of trouble roll through my mind when the trash comes up missing.
For those of you unaware let me explain the deal with trash.  When trash is discarded and set out by  the curb it is considered trash and unwanted by the original owner.  If you set it by the curb the city garbage man is not the only person with rights to the trash.  Anybody can come get it.  This is quite possibly the easiest way to find lots of information about someone and it may be incriminating or just incredibly embarrassing.  For instance, let’s say you or someone in your family is suffering from a disease and you throw away the medicine bottle.  You just informed a trash investigator what disease you may have.  How about a used plastic cup or cigarette butt.  You just gave up your DNA!!
If you throw away the packages to a certain type of food or drink on a regular basis someone could figure out your diet and plot to poison you.  There are several cases where consumer products have been purposely poisoned and made it to the mouth of consumers.  That was the end of them.  In 1982 seven Chicago residents lost their lives due to someone lacing Tylenol with cyanide.  They purchased Tylenol off the store shelves, took the drug and then died.  The case is dubbed “The Tylenol Murders” and it still has yet to be solved 32 years later. That all seems a bit extreme but it has happened and you should be aware.
Now let me give you some info that you really should consider.  As a privacy oriented person you may have a post office box in a town that is a couple of hours away that you go to check once a week or so. (At least this is what I recommend so that mail doesn’t come to your house).  If this mail was to get mixed up in your trash and your trash is intercepted you just gave away the location of your PO box.  This all goes for any other private information related to other addresses you may be associated with or any phone numbers you have.
I have long recommended getting a burn barrel or one of those little chimineas from the hardware store if you don’t have a fire place.  Burn anything that will burn is my advice.  Let the trash man deal with the dirty diapers and things like that.  That is as long as you are supposed to have a baby in your house…….