Ebola: Are You Listening to Me Yet?

ebola bug
Let me start off by saying that I think the Ebola scare is probably just about 1 tier above the swine flu scare we had a couple of years ago that turned out to be nothing.  This Ebola thing is real and it is dangerous but if you stay away from Africa, Hospitals and people who go to Africa and hospitals you will probably be well.  I will not be taking any shots if a shot comes out because in my opinion shots are crap but if you want to help make drug companies rich be my guest.
This Ebola problem may blow over with a few hundred deaths but make no mistake about it there are plenty of evil scientists throughout the world who are trying to brew up the deadliest batch of goo ever imagined 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  It is just foolish to live in a little bubble (like the media presents) thinking that these evil geniuses are not out there.  Some of them are just mad scientists that think the world would be a better place without humans and they would drop us all if they could.  Others are the type like the character “Dr. Evil” played by Mike Myers in the Austin Powers trilogy.  These individuals would like to dominate the world but would also settle for a few hundred billion dollars.  They just have to create a deadly virus, scare people through the media and then come up with the vaccine.
Problem + Scare Tactics + Manufactured Solution =  $Billions for Mad Scientists
I explained these things for one simple reason.  If we make it through the Ebola scare that’s not the end of it.  Attacks (especially attacks on America) will continue.  At some point they are going to get it right.  The human body is resilient but as technology increases and hateful ideologies from Communists grow together it is inevitable that the killer bug will be here at some point.
Prepare yourself to be insulated against this threat.  You must work on growing your immune system and that starts with avoiding the crap that is sold at eye level on store shelves.  While we are on the subject of store shelves, lets also discuss what will happen in a real outbreak.  The store shelves will be empty and you won’t want to come into contact with the checkout girl in the first place.  You can turn on the internet and look at all sorts of grim scenarios related to this if you want.
ebola workers
It is vital for you to start your private life and plan right now.  You need to be growing things you can survive on and stocking up so you won’t need those things from the store  when disease hits.  Follow this blog every week to get advice on privately doing these things.  Privacy is a must when prepping.  The two go hand in hand.  We focus on privacy but if you are preparing for the future you will need to maintain your privacy so those hungry diseased non-prepared neighbors don’t kill and loot you.
empty shelves 2

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