Month: November 2014

Elon Musk and The Rise of The Machines

One of my favorite movies is the Terminator series which began in the ominous year 1984 (as in George Orwell’s book: 1984). I’m not sure why I like the movie; perhaps the reasons are many. It’s an action movie, it takes place in the future and the present, although it’s science fiction it feels real, and I could go on.


When the original Terminator movie was released in 1984, many people considered it a wild, futuristic fantasy story that was just make believe – something that could never happen. Now, 30 years later, the idea of machines becoming self-aware doesn’t seem so far-fetched given the current state of technology. Today we have autonomous drones that drop payloads on foreign terrorists, automobiles that can drive themselves and dancing robots.

So when one of the premier, most well-known and successful entrepreneurs of the 21st century says he’s concerned with the fate of humanity because of the rapid development of technology related to artificial intelligence, perhaps we should all stop and think for a minute. Perhaps Skynet and the rise of the machines is a possibility after all!

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O. J. Simpson Admits to Murder: Why He Should Keep His Mouth Shut!

The recent issue of the National Inquirer features O.J. Simpson on the cover and proclaims in an article that Simpson has now admitted to killing X-wife Nicole and her “friend” Ronald Goldman.  Previously O.J. was said to have admitted killing his X and Goldman to Oprah but this time it is alleged to be a “prison snitch”.
Supposedly O.J. told a fellow inmate that he killed Nicole and he would do it again if he had the chance.  This fellow apparently turned around and sold his story to the highest bidder.  I don’t know if this story is true or not.  You have to ask yourself if you were in the big house with O.J. and had an opportunity to sell a manufactured story to the media what would you do?  Then take into account you are not a felon with nowhere else to turn for income.
oj did it
My point here is very simple:  Watch what you say and who you say it to.  Above all else be careful who you associate with.  I have learned this the hard way.  If you are a murderer then you need to take the consequences for it but let’s just say for instance O.J. didn’t do it.  There is probably a better chance of me solving world hunger with unicorn meat but let’s just play like he’s innocent of murder, like the jury said.  Just by being friends with this “prison snitch” or being seen hanging around him it adds credibility to the story this guy is telling.
In you private life you are going to have to start being a little more suspicious of people you meet and come into contact with.  There can be no more of this willful ignorance thing where you don’t want to know what the other guy is up to so you have some kind of deniability later on.  You need to find out everything you can about your associates and if they don’t have clean hands get away from them.  Don’t invite them to your house, don’t take them out for dinner and don’t be seen hanging around them.
Let’s just keep this in mind as well:  The economy really is not so great right now.  You may turn on the big  5 networks and some dweeb in an empty suit can be talking a good game about the economy being on the way up and that unemployment is low but let’s be honest.  The unemployment numbers are around 25% if you measure them right.  If you count the scum that collect a welfare check and also sell crack cocaine you may reduce the actual number a point or two but the real deal is people are hurting for money.  This means out of the 25% of unemployed Americans some of them would sell their soul for a free meal, others would do it for a couple of thousand dollars.  There are plenty of people you know that wouldn’t mind throwing you under the bus if it would advance them in any way.  It is unfortunately human nature when there is a shortage of necessities.  In times of plenty humans are not quite as big on backstabbing but the current culture is not leaning that way.
O.J. may have beaten the murder charge but now that this story is out he has to constantly look over his shoulder for someone he doesn’t even know seeking revenge.  So when you weave your web, try not to make it as tangled as this man has.

Out on the Road!

One thing many of you are either doing or considering doing to advance your private life is hitting the road.  After all, if you’ve done nothing wrong, have a little cash and a lot of time Earth is a beautiful place to see.  Staying on the road and on the move is very private if you use cash.  It’s also a force multiplier in the privacy world because nobody knows where you are except when you are right there.  Even if you are pulled over on a traffic stop or questioned by national park officials you can be gone the next day.  A record that you were at that location and didn’t do anything serious will be a permanent thing but you can go 360 degrees from that point and continue your tour of freedom.
vacation pic
For those of you already doing this I bet you could teach us all a few things but maybe I can add something to your world here.  If you are considering hitting the road, dial in because you need to know this stuff:
Your tag will be photographed.  Some parks even have License Plate Readers (LPR) at the entrance. Get over it.  I cannot advise you to do anything sketchy like paying a homeless person to register a vehicle in their name.  Your freedom from this is the fact that you are going to be gone from that point soon and on to the next place.
You will be photographed.  National parks all have cameras whether you know it or not. Don’t do anything stupid but also just remember this:  You need to stay warm in these parks so make sure you wear a ball cap or stocking cap along with a hooded sweatshirt.  The sun is also going to be out and very bright in these parks so make sure before you leave your tint you have your sunglasses on.  A beard is not a bad Idea either because we don’t want you to catch a cold!!!
Now, for my first endorsement (I don’t really know if it counts since they are not paying me).  Get a few cans of fix-a-flat to go in your car at all times.  If you get out on the road, you will soon see that there really is a lot of open road!!  Jumper cables or a jump box are also a good Idea.
Happy Travels!!