Elon Musk and The Rise of The Machines

One of my favorite movies is the Terminator series which began in the ominous year 1984 (as in George Orwell’s book: 1984). I’m not sure why I like the movie; perhaps the reasons are many. It’s an action movie, it takes place in the future and the present, although it’s science fiction it feels real, and I could go on.


When the original Terminator movie was released in 1984, many people considered it a wild, futuristic fantasy story that was just make believe – something that could never happen. Now, 30 years later, the idea of machines becoming self-aware doesn’t seem so far-fetched given the current state of technology. Today we have autonomous drones that drop payloads on foreign terrorists, automobiles that can drive themselves and dancing robots.

So when one of the premier, most well-known and successful entrepreneurs of the 21st century says he’s concerned with the fate of humanity because of the rapid development of technology related to artificial intelligence, perhaps we should all stop and think for a minute. Perhaps Skynet and the rise of the machines is a possibility after all!


See Also:

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