Booby Traps For The Holidays

With the holidays upon us many of us will be traveling and even if you have no intentions of traveling this holiday season, the spring is coming up and then the summer.  You will be leaving home at some point and if you are like me then you know how unnerving it can be if you don’t have the house set up in a secure fashion.  I must admit I have a few surprises set up for intruders but this blog won’t be about teaching you how to make traps.
home alone
I just want to give everyone a little friendly advice if you are considering setting up some home security of the improvised fashion.  First of all I want to strongly advise against making a trap that will kill somebody or hurt them very bad.  You know I would want nothing more that to watch a bad guy bust into a bedroom just as the door pulls the pin on a grenade but you have to consider Murphy’s law.  The most likely outcome if you have some kind of thing like that set up is that a close friend or loved one would get hurt or die.  It just works out like that.  A bad guy would miraculously get out of that.  It’s almost like the Devil himself gives bad guys a free pass.  We’ve all seen it a thousand times, whether it’s a drunk driver that kills a whole family and walks away without a scratch or the guy who dodges a hail of bullets in a gang shootout only to kill a toddler while shooting at another gang member.
Dangerous booby traps are just that; dangerous.  So please do not use something like this because it will only get a loved one hurt.  Sometimes you think you have set up the perfect trap only to forget about your own trap and fall into it.  Don’t laugh, it happens.  My advice is to use a trap that will capture the bad guy or spray him with something fowl but harmless on a long term basis.
robber trap 2
Banks use dye packs which also contain tear gas.  The bank robber is not hurt other than a few gas burns and ruined clothing.  If a friend or loved one gets into something like this by accident they probably will just be mad but not dead.  There was a case in Australia where a man robbed a bank and stuffed the money in his pants.  When the dye packs blew off he ended up singing soprano in the church choir for a while and I don’t think he had any children after that but that is the only real bad case I have heard of with dye packs.  The rest of the time it is just the bad guy getting caught.
The second point I want to bring up is that if someone has made it to getting to your booby traps then all your other security measures have gone really bad.  Either they are a complete professional and have put a lot of research into accessing your property or you have not done a good job with your other security measures.  Please keep in mind that if you do things right most criminals will never get to your door.  In fact they should not even know you are gone.  There are many security measures I have talked about and will talk about in the future if you keep reading the blogs but sometimes it’s as simple as keeping your mouth shut.  NOBODY should know when you come and go, so don’t tell them.
bank robbery
That’s all for now.  One last time, when making booby traps consider your family, friends and pets.  Children and pets especially will not remember or know not to go into certain hot zones so don’t create these sort of problems.

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