Phone Burning

Is your phone burned?  By that I mean is your phone number attached to anything else?  Today I burned my phone because I was running a classified ad for an item in which my email and phone number were required.  It doesn’t matter to me because I can just recycle the number once I’m done selling the item but I hope you are all aware that if your pone number and an email or another phone number that is yours or a friend or family member cross paths you are burned.  All the privacy precautions you have worked for go right out the window when you allow a corporation, an acquaintance  or a website to get 2 forms of persona information from you.
evidence burner phone
In my case the site already had my email address and name but before I could run the ad they wanted to verify my phone number.  Now they have a cross reference.  Tracking somebody is all about connecting the dots.  Some times you can have a huge amount of information about somebody and all you need is that one final piece of the puzzle.  I would like to think that these web sites and corporations are only using this information for the single transaction in which a person is required to give personal information but we all know better than that.
Data mining is just what it says: mining, except it’s easier than other mining.  In the past you had to get a mule, some dynamite and a pic axe then head to the mountains and live without a woman unless you strike it rich after breaking several limbs and losing all but 3 of your teeth.  With data mining these guys just sit at a desk from 9 to 5 and take anything you give them and then sell it.  Your information is just like gold because your private information contains the clues to your hopes dreams and fears.  This information can be sold to advertisers or adversaries and you don’t get to pick.
data mining santa
Hopefully these are things you already know and this is just a reminder but I run into people every single day that blow my mind with their ignorance of data predators.  These people can kill you as well, so if you are stupid with your information count your lucky stars if you live through it.  I won’t give anybody any ideas about why an identity spy would kill you.

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