Sometimes the privacy community and the prepper community have intersecting goals.  I’m sure some of my readers here are preppers so I would like to point out that I cater to the privacy crowd even though all are welcome and some of my writings are fitting for preppers.  Today is one of those days.   I want to add a few ideas you may need to consider about trains.
cargo train
Many times if you want to live a private life you would pack up your belongings and bug out for good.  That is in fact what I recommend.  The question is: how close to a railway do you want to be?   My place is about 10 miles from a railroad and I would say that is right on the edge of where I want to be.  I can hear the train faintly rumbling in the distance at night sometimes and it reminds me that if it was 10 feet closer I would be moving.
Author Joel Skousen recommends a bug out location as far away from an interstate highway as possible because when things go bad hoards of people will take to the interstates and will pick the countryside clean.  You may be thinking you can handle these people with your huge arsenal or that your place is super secure, but imagine that the city of New York or Houston or LA are evacuated in an unorganized fashion.  Imaging the possibility of 1Million individuals walking biking and driving their 4×4’s past your property.  Do you have enough ammunition for all of them?  Would you want the responsibility of defending your place against that many people?
Thousands clog elevated freeway in downtown New Orleans.
All that is a side note to consider but today I’m on the subject of trains.  However, the above subject is something to consider on a bit smaller scale with trains in your area.  The train in many areas comes through every 30 minutes and you may be surprised where these trains are coming from.  In the factual book by John Krakaur, “Into the Wild” the main character manages to navigate the west coast of the US with ease by riding trains from California intothe North West and back several times.  I myself, have snatched a wanted person off of a train on the East Coast.  I didn’t believe him when he told me he had been riding since San Diego California!  He had a map in his pocket and he had ridden a train all the way across the united states.  This guy was only wanted for check fraud but hopefully you are getting the picture of the types of people that may be freeloading on a freight train and riding past your property.  If they see something they like they may just get off and take it.
Conversely, some of you may see the railway as a great thing to have near your bug out property.  Perhaps it makes an escape route for you if you were to rig up your own rail car that has an engine or you could hook to the caboose.  Maybe you see it as an opportunity to get goods and services in a crunch.  You may see it as a possibility to get transportation for yourself.  I don’t recommend any of these things.
I just want to give you some things to think about.  If you buy a property near a rail system I want to advise you to keep anything of value out of site.  In fact it may be a good Idea to plant some fast growing tall trees around your house so that when a train hobo is riding by he doesn’t even see your home.  He will just think it’s a grove of trees.  If you have the budget I recommend putting central heat in your home.  You don’t want a train rider to see the smoke coming from your chimney. If you walk out your door lock it and keep all door and windows locked at all times; this includes sheds and cars you have parked outside your garage.  I also highly recommend a good guard dog and make sure he bites.
la bestia
If anyone gets the idea they can hop off the train and steal a few things they will. Some people get the idea that they can kill or rob someone and will not be caught.  Some times they are right.  So put up a good privacy fence and some cameras that are in plain view.  As always, even if you don’t live near a railway, check around from the window before you step outside.

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