Is Your Veterinarian Spying on You?

On a recent trip to the vet to have my dog vaccinated for rabies I ran into a huge dilemma.  When I arrived they gave me a full 1 page report for me to fill out about me and the dog.  It is ridiculous to think that this information will be kept exclusively private but before I go into all that let me just tell you some of the questions I find intrusive. Here they go:
vet hospital
What is the dog’s name?  I lied about the dog’s name and I recommend you do too.
What is your name?  I pay cash so of course I gave a false name.
What is your driver’s license number?  All I can say is WTF?  I left it blank.
What is your address?         NOPE!!
Phone number?         NEVER!!
How will you be paying?    CASH; always pay in cash!
Now let’s just go over these real quick.  Any information you give these people will be used against you or at a minimum sold.  That’s a given.   What I mainly want to point out is how imposing these people are and how aggressive they are about trying to suck information out of you by withholding treatment of your pet until you fill it out.
The fact is getting my driver’s license number has nothing to do with treating my pet, nor does my phone number address or even the pet’s name.  Keep in mind if you have a well trained pet that knows his or her name, a burglar could get access to your veterinarian files and then call the pet by name as they break in your back door (just one example).
animal surgery
So is your veterinarian spying on you?  Just count on everybody asking for private information being a spy and actually after the release of the “see something say something” program you just never know who is spying on you.  With the “see something say something” program random people are encouraged to report anything they deem suspicious to DHS for further investigation.  If this sounds familiar all you have to do is check into some of the history of Russia or Nazi Germany where the citizen spies thought they were preserving their own lives by reporting on their neighbors.  Unfortunately we are living in those days right here in the west now.
When you visit the veterinarian have a plan in place before you walk into the door.  Don’t give them anything they can use or sell.  It won’t hurt your dog to be called by a different name for an hour or so.
puppy vet

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