How Did They Know?

You just went to the DMV and got your car tags renewed and now 2 weeks later you are getting a message from some company telling you that you can get a sweet deal on an extended warranty for your 1974 Ford Pinto!  How did they know?  You try your best to live a private life and keep your address and other personal information personal but somehow they magically know about that car you have.  They aren’t just guessing because they have your address and they are calling it out by the make and model.  Perhaps there is a mole at the DMV stealing customers info and selling it to a compiled pigeon list because you know they government would protect your information and not sell it to the highest bidder….Would they?
burglar sillouhette
Don’t be naive my friend.  Understand that any time….ANY TIME you criss-cross your personal information with  an entity that can make one red cent they will take your information and to hell with you!  I want to be clear with all of you smart enough to read this blog.  We are in the final days.  By that I don’t mean Jesus is coming back tomorrow… Well he could but that’s probably not going to happen.  It’s not the end of the world, just the end of life the way you knew it.  When the Bolshevik revolution took place in Russia it was the end of life the way many Russians knew it.  When the Nazi’s began rounding up and executing Jews and non-conformists it was the end of life as they knew it.  America is not impermeable and I am telling you that many officials have an intimate relationship with the corporations that pull their strings.  This time it’s not Nazi’s or Commies; it’s greedy mega-wealthies that have decided you need to be watched and controlled.
warranty mail
You already knew that if you read this blog often so now some solutions.  How about using the ghost address that author JJ Luna discusses in his book, “How to be Invisible”.  Right now it is still legal to have a ghost address.  All you have to do is live somewhere and get mail at another.  It can get complicated if you expect to receive time sensitive mail so make sure you do some research or email me for some help.  It is legal but not appreciated and there are some stumbling blocks.
There is no solution for them selling your information so you have to insulate yourself.  What you give them is what they will use.  So be somewhere else.  I’m thinking Costa Rica is nice this time of year!

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