Month: June 2015

App Protecting Smartphone Users is Under Attack!

Recently, a U.S. technology firm called Disconnect filed a complaint with European anti-trust regulators when it’s app was banned from the Google Play Store. Knowing just that tells us a lot, at least regarding privacy and effectiveness. These days companies like Google are working overtime to gather data from users phones. The idea is that Google has everyone’s information (such as what kind of coffee you drink, what electronics you are searching for, your location, etc.) then they can tailor advertising that is a perfect fit for you. Obviously there is some serious monetary value in this process, especially to hungry advertisers who want to attract a specific slice of consumers.

disconnect app

According to THE INTERCEPT article (see link below):

When you visit a website, usually unbeknown to you, other websites and services try to connect to your device in the background to collect data about your browsing habits. The Disconnect app allows users to view and block these invisible network connections, which the company says “permit intrusions into the personal privacy of users by facilitating tracking and the collection of personal information” and “expose users to risks associated with malware and other forms of cybercrime.” However, some of these same invisible connections are used to generate advertising revenue, an issue that appears to be at the root of Google’s decision to crack down on Disconnect.

google image

In a time where individuals continue to give up more and more privacy for technology and convenience, it will be interesting to see how this shakes out and what kind of decision is made in the European regulatory circles. We at Privacy Living recommend you take every precaution possible to maximize your privacy, even if only just based upon principle. We, like you, have nothing to hide; but, it’s no one’s business what we say or do. Hold onto your privacy while you can!

You can find the disconnect app here for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS:

See the full article here:

How the Chinese were able to Hack The Government

This week it was revealed that somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 million federal employees and applicants for federal employment had their information compromised.  Though, the Chinese deny any involvement in this I have to say if I was a federal employee in any communist country right now I would be very nervous.  I also believe that it is the responsibility of their handlers to bring those employees back and out of harms way.  The Chinese have a history of cheating on trade and they are most certainly not a friend of the USA.  Make no mistake about it,  China is communist.  This puts them in bed with North Korea, Russia, Venezuela and parts of Mexico.  This means that all those individuals that have been hacked could find themselves in a communist data base in any of these countries.  If you are married to or live with or are related to any of these federal employees you may have been listed as an acquaintance or reference on their application for the job.  So you may also be in the communist data base.
You may want to know how they did it now.  Well I don’t know exactly what they did but I would guess that a traitor on the inside was involved.  Computer experts can access things from remote places of course but I think a rat was involved.  The main thing that went wrong is the fact that this information is in under the cyber umbrella.  When it is put into the internet it is there for the taking.  Many people have made a great living providing cyber defense and defending against hackers but in my opinion if an attack is eminent why not avoid it all together?  This information should never be put on a computer, no matter how “secure” it supposedly is.  If this information had been in hard files it would be impossible to steal the information of 18 million people.  I don’t know of any time in history that the Amish files have been hacked.  Something has to change if they truly don’t want this to happen again.
The lesson for you is simple.  This hack took place because of a reliability on technology.  You need to remove yourself from the tech world as much as you can.  Pay attention to what it really needed and what is just an addiction in your technical world.  Start getting off of this stuff today and make improvements when you can.  Invest yourself into old technology and when you go onto new age technology it should be like being inserted into the matrix.  You should be ultra alert and ultra suspicious of this new technology.  Avoid putting any information about yourself on these new devices.  The Chines may find it useful!

5 Fathers Day Privacy Issues to Discuss With Dad

This Sunday as you go to spend time with your father and thank him for his services I think it may be important for you to share a few other things with him.  As you study recent technology and grow in your understanding of privacy many people you care about may not be keeping up.  In light of this I made a list of 5 items you may want to discuss with your father and make sure he is protected and safe in his privacy.
dad's day
1.       Stingrays:  Your father may think a stingray is one of those beautiful creatures swimming the coral reef off the coast of Florida but I’m talking about another creature from Florida.  The Stingray phone spying device by Harris corporation in Florida is selling very well.  This thing can do lots of spying on you.  It can do so much that I will just shorten it by saying this: It’s like having your phone from a remote location and using the device to do everything your phone could do.
2.       Spy Planes:  Your father may have heard of drones that fly around watching your property but is he aware that they are now fitted with phone tracking equipment?  These spy planes that could be used by anybody can fly over a property or area using equipment to mimic a cell phone tower and identify the person in that area by their phone signal.
3.       ALPR:  Despite the knowledge that Automatic License Plate Readers are around your father may not understand how prevalent the use is.  In fact ALPR is now also equipped with facial recognition software to identify the vehicle, the owner, and the occupants of the vehicle.  Who knew just driving down the road could be so intrusive?
4.       Smart Meters:  This is another one that your father needs to be sure he understands the gravity of.  The dishwasher really is spying on you as General David Petraeus pointed out just before his infamous hooker scandal.  He didn’t, however mention that your light bulb is capable of spying on you through the smart meter.  All that happens electronically is reported back to authorities when you have a smart meter.  The simplest explanation is that the appliances are designed to send a specific code through the alternating current so that the authorities will know what exact appliance you are running at a specific time.  Excuses for pulling the records include “the war on drugs”.  If you use a lot of electricity expect a raid since you may be growing drugs.
5.       Range-R:  The Range-R is an item many people have trouble believing but it is real.  This is a handheld device that can be used to watch the activities in your home by using highly sensitive radar that can penetrate most walls made of ordinary building materials.  This is supposed to be used by SWAT teams which may be a noble cause but what happens when this item falls into the hands of burglars?  And it will.
Don’t forget to tell your dad “Happy Fathers Day”!

American Pharaoh Races to Anti-gun Agenda While Defenseless Churchgoers Gunned Down

Not surprisingly, after a tragedy many people have jumped right into political games.  When the Church in Charleston South Carolina was shot up last night and 9 people died many took advantage of their platform and instead of mourning the losses they immediately started blaming guns.  Almost before the deceased had even cooled off we were being told that this was caused by guns.
charleston forensics
While I agree that a gun was one of the components not too many people have bothered to point out that there is probably antidepressant drugs involved here too.  I actually have heard nothing of antidepressants in this case but I am betting it will come out at some point.  I feel this because when you take a look at almost all the crazy deranged shooters in recent years there are antidepressant drugs in their system.
To understand this it is important to look at a little history.  As these antidepressant drugs came onto the market and big pharma began to get a strangle hold on America insane asylums began to close in the 1960’s.  This meant that gradually we were all lead to believe that these insane lunatics could be let out of their cages and put on these pills and that everything would be just fine.  Now if you want to be totally spooked out I can pretty much guarantee you that there is an old creepy closed down mental institution within a short drive of anywhere in America.  Do you think these lunatics just disappeared?  Do you think since the 1960’s there is just no criminally insane people out there?  No, they are around.  They walk among us!
uncle sam pills
Most people are just fine with guns and when they have them, these insane individuals have no chance to do anything wild since they would be quickly put down.  But when you designate areas such as schools and churches as “Gun Free”, the bad guys gravitate to them and they will have guns while the unarmed people are slaughtered.  If just one good person had a gun last night then 9 good people would be alive today.
As far as my original point; It may be time to tighten up your defense program.  If you think you need a gun then you should get it soon.  The way the American Pharaoh came out blaming guns I expect a full court press to make them illegal or very hard to get.  The minister killed was allegedly one of his personal friends so he will use that to his advantage.  All emotions aside, you should look out for your family.  They will use this to start a race rivalry between white and blacks and as it grows gun rights will be constricted and strangled.
My final thought today is this:  Since this shooting happened at a prayer vigil I’m sure these people knew where their next stop is.  But do you?  I am not suggesting any answers to you but I am suggesting that you take the rising danger into consideration and plan on what your next stop is when this short life comes to an abrupt end as it did for these victims.  I suggest you investigate eternity hard and be sure about what you truly believe is going to happen after your last breath.
I will leave you with my favorite Bible verse:  A strong man fully ARMED guarding his estate will not see his possessions disturbed.- Luke 11:21

What is a “Vanity Fair”?

There are lots of distractions out there and I hope you are not caught up in them but I want to take some time to remind you that maintaining your privacy is up to you.  Recently there has been a huge distraction on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.  Today I want to discuss how your privacy relates to this incident, but first let’s actually look deeply into what the name of this magazine means.
vf cover
Vanity is an excessive belief in one’s own abilities or attractiveness to others.  Prior to recent centuries vanity was regarded by most as ridiculous and was seen in a negative light.  In recent centuries vanity has slowly grown into something seen as positive and now by some seems to be their narcissistic goal in life and their sense of identity.  In this, ridiculousness and flaunting has evolved from a mental illness to an all out epidemic.  Unfortunately in recent years as fashion statements and skin showing becomes boring to the public eye, those who have no direction and have no identity begin to clamor for something even more weird so public displays of sexual abominations begin.
A “Fair” is a giant gathering of people for a variety of entertainment or commercial activity.  If you have an art fair you invite large amounts of people to show view and buy art.  If you have a book fair you invite a large number of people to sell buy and present their books.
So what happens at a “Vanity Fair”?  I suggest that a vanity fair would be a gathering of fools to look at some sort of outrageous spectacle of individuals declaring their own beauty or superiority.  This is what I believe this magazine cover is about.  There are many people who have underlying sexual desires and proclivities.  There are some who act on those desires and others who suppress them.  But how is that anybody’s business?  This is the magazine people are buying.  This is what time is being spent focused on while the world burns.  It’s not just a man in woman’s clothing.  It’s always something.  It’s just a spectacle for a decadent society to burn up daylight musing at a freak.  It’s bread and circuses all over again.
How is it ever anyone’s business what sexual preferences a person has?  Why should it be made public when a person feels they are a woman trapped in a man’s body?  A person who invites the world to that “fair” is only inviting trouble.  If you are gay, normal, like animals, pre-operation or post operation the public should never know.  Keep your feelings to yourself lest you have all your privacy compromised!  The cover of the magazine is not only an invitation to Crazy Town but a psych warfare operation in my opinion.  I believe it is there to let you feel that it is ok to express your sexuality.  Keep it private.

10 Currencies in Event of Collapse

In the event of a currency collapse the money in your pocket won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on.  Thoughts of Pablo Escobar’s last day come to mind.  While in the mountains of Columbia on one of his final runs before being taken out for good, Escobar is said to have burned $2million in cash in order to keep his family warm.  You probably won’t have that much to burn but why not?  Inflation may precede collapse and minimum wage could go up to $50 thousand an hour.  
100 dollars
Money will be worthless either way at some point so I made this list of the top 10 commodities that you can use to barter with.  The typical idea for ideal bartering is to have something that almost everybody really needs or wants to use and also can come in an easily measurable small commodity just like a $1 or $5 bill. After all, people can use and want something like a car or a horse but what do they have to trade for it?  If you walk into a store and all you have to trade is your horse you will either have to get way more than you need at that location (maybe more than you can carry) and the store owner may say “I don’t need anything that eats!” (Which I may add is great advice for anyone.  Animals are usually just another mouth to feed). 
Secondly, the common understanding of survival is a bit wrong.  Many people think of survival as making it until things get better.  That in fact is not survival because it is just throwing the dice and hoping things get better before time runs out and starvation, infection or the enemy takes you down.  That definition is just a gamble.  If your gamble works out and you are rescued or things get better by chance maybe you can go on Oprah and tell everybody you are a survivor but you are not!  You are just lucky. 
on the road
If you really are surviving your harvest will be bountiful.  In a survival situation things are always getting better or worse.  As humans we always want that even keel but that is not reality.  Rest on your laurels and you will begin sinking.  My suggestion is to be constantly advancing and I know that is why you read my blog.  You are planning on being successful even as things around you fall apart.  Your best chance at success and wealth building in a collapse will be to seek out these items and recognize their value as you make your trades.
1.       SEX:  Yes, it is a commodity.  Think about the Wild West.  When an old dirty cowboy finally made it into a town in the middle of a prairie and miles from anywhere else there was always a few working girls there.  And business was good!  Keep in mind this is not something I recommend participating in.  This is the only item on the list I don’t want you involved in.  This is a mess waiting to happen.  I listed it first because, yes many women are sitting on a million dollars and may be trying to trade it for goods in a collapse but many times this will just be a “Honey Trap”.  There are many variations of the honey trap, but they all end up with you getting robbed and sometimes killed.  I just listed this so you will know not to get in trouble.
2.       GOLD:  Now here is a good commodity.  The whole world will not collapse at once.  If you are in a country with worthless currency there will still be a world market for gold.  I also include silver in this as well.  These two are relatively easy to transport and hide as well.  You could include diamonds here but just like in the movie “Donnie Brasco” nobody knows if it’s a “fugazi” or a real diamond.  This is just more problems you don’t need.   In my opinion, stick with gold and silver.  The only argument against these is sometimes people will say you can’t eat gold.  That is correct but as stated before, the world market will provide a trading value for something you can eat.
3.       BULLETS:  Bullets will are great trading items, however I do want to warn you that in a collapse there may be a sort of military coup and martial law could be in effect.  If you get caught with bullets under martial law it would not be good for you.  The same is probably true for most of the items on this list, but I think it may be worse with the bullets.  The fact still remains that bullets are very useful and have an obvious value while they can be split up for various denominations.
4.       CIGARETTES:  Anybody with experience in a prison will tell you this is the currency of choice.  It is unfortunate that so many people are hooked on nicotine but in the collapse you have to keep business in mind and keeping your family fed.  If you can trade for cigarettes and you have a supplier that smokes it’s a viable option.  Just keep in mind that when you deal in vice items you will run into decent folks and scum.  Beware of deals gone wrong.  Cigarettes are the most desired tobacco item but when somebody needs a nicotine fix they will also accept chewing tobacco.  Any type of tobacco will do well in trading.
5.       SPICES:  Spices are overlooked many times but I challenge you to try cooking without spices some time.  People will want spices.  Maybe they won’t save you from starving to death but they are a very tradable item.  When it gets to a point that people are killing possums and rats to eat, it may be nice to have a little salt on the meat as well.  The crazy thing is that things like salt and pepper are dirt cheap right now, but wait until the collapse.  They will be hard to get and may cost a lot.
6.       MEDICAL SUPPLIES:  Specific medical supplies like insulin will have a high value but the customer base is low and my advice would be to give it as charity if you get some since the person getting it will be dying.  There is no value on saving a life.  The medical supplies I’m thinking of are things like bandages, first aid kits, hydrogen peroxide and Tylenol.  Simple things like this are valuable especially when families are displaced.  Antibiotics can really have a value but if you don’t have a good supply then you may want to keep what you have.
7.       BATTERIES:  If I were trying to be dramatic and list these in order of importance I would put batteries near number 1.  In a crisis batteries are priceless and you should always be trading to get them and when you take in trades for them understand the customer probably wants them as bad as a smoker wants a cigarette.  There are many things, including lights, night vision and radio equipment that run on batteries.  Keep your eyes open for good trades on batteries.
8.       EGGS:  I know I said earlier that you shouldn’t keep around any extra mouths to feed, but chickens are a different story.  If you have a yard and a place you can hide them from thieves at night you have a cash cow.  Everybody will find the value in eggs and if you come across something irresistible you can trade the whole hen for it.  Chickens are different from the other animals because they have a small manageable value.  A cow or goat is valuable but are not good liquid assets because you would have to ask too much when trade involves them.  A laying hen is worth $15 to $30 and eggs can easily by worth 50 cents each, so a deal can be easily struck with these animals.
 chicken 2
9.       WATER:  When there is a collapse and people are displaced they will be on the road.  They will run out of water and be very thirsty.  The people not on the road may have the water to their homes cut off.  After all why would anybody show up at the water plant to work when they aren’t getting paid?    If you have a well or the ability to purify water out of a pond or creek you have a gold mine.  Actually it is better than a gold mine and an oil well put together.  You will have the power if you have water. 
10.   SEEDS:  This is an item that almost didn’t make the currency list.  One other thing to consider with currency is to make sure it is something that can be changed out for something else.  For example:  If you don’t smoke but you have cigarettes, everybody knows the cigarettes could be traded for just about anything.  Seeds are barely in that category.  Many people will want seeds and many people will be living in the here and now.  If they have to plant something and wait weeks for it to grow they may not want it.  This is a good item to take in if you know you will use it but keep in mind when you get more seeds than you can use you may want to slow down on taking in seeds.  Also, with seeds you have the same problem you will have with the diamonds.  Are you getting tomato seeds or flower seeds?  Can you tell the difference?  Don’t take in any “fugazies”!   If you don’t know what it is, don’t trade for it because if you don’t know then your customer won’t know.  When they come back angry because you traded them something you thought was a tomato seed and it turned out to be goat weeds you will be in trouble.

FBI Planes Are Collecting Personal Data From Above

Did you know that the FBI has over 100 surveillance planes that are used to fly over and collect the data of those below? It’s true, and it’s no conspiracy theory! According to this Associated Press article published on (, dozens of planes have the capability to fly over while collecting photographs and even grabbing cell phone data right out of the air!


Several flights were apparently tracked and confirmed by the Associated Press earlier this year, even photographing one of the planes. The planes are said to operate within shell companies created by the FBI as a cover and fly throughout the United States. So next time someone laughs when you tell them “they’re watching from above”, you can know that they really are watching; the only question is why do we need so much surveillance in the United States.

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