FBI Planes Are Collecting Personal Data From Above

Did you know that the FBI has over 100 surveillance planes that are used to fly over and collect the data of those below? It’s true, and it’s no conspiracy theory! According to this Associated Press article published on Salon.com (http://www.salon.com/2015/06/02/fbi_behind_mysterious_surveillance_aircraft_over_us_cities/), dozens of planes have the capability to fly over while collecting photographs and even grabbing cell phone data right out of the air!


Several flights were apparently tracked and confirmed by the Associated Press earlier this year, even photographing one of the planes. The planes are said to operate within shell companies created by the FBI as a cover and fly throughout the United States. So next time someone laughs when you tell them “they’re watching from above”, you can know that they really are watching; the only question is why do we need so much surveillance in the United States.

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