What is a “Vanity Fair”?

There are lots of distractions out there and I hope you are not caught up in them but I want to take some time to remind you that maintaining your privacy is up to you.  Recently there has been a huge distraction on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.  Today I want to discuss how your privacy relates to this incident, but first let’s actually look deeply into what the name of this magazine means.
vf cover
Vanity is an excessive belief in one’s own abilities or attractiveness to others.  Prior to recent centuries vanity was regarded by most as ridiculous and was seen in a negative light.  In recent centuries vanity has slowly grown into something seen as positive and now by some seems to be their narcissistic goal in life and their sense of identity.  In this, ridiculousness and flaunting has evolved from a mental illness to an all out epidemic.  Unfortunately in recent years as fashion statements and skin showing becomes boring to the public eye, those who have no direction and have no identity begin to clamor for something even more weird so public displays of sexual abominations begin.
A “Fair” is a giant gathering of people for a variety of entertainment or commercial activity.  If you have an art fair you invite large amounts of people to show view and buy art.  If you have a book fair you invite a large number of people to sell buy and present their books.
So what happens at a “Vanity Fair”?  I suggest that a vanity fair would be a gathering of fools to look at some sort of outrageous spectacle of individuals declaring their own beauty or superiority.  This is what I believe this magazine cover is about.  There are many people who have underlying sexual desires and proclivities.  There are some who act on those desires and others who suppress them.  But how is that anybody’s business?  This is the magazine people are buying.  This is what time is being spent focused on while the world burns.  It’s not just a man in woman’s clothing.  It’s always something.  It’s just a spectacle for a decadent society to burn up daylight musing at a freak.  It’s bread and circuses all over again.
How is it ever anyone’s business what sexual preferences a person has?  Why should it be made public when a person feels they are a woman trapped in a man’s body?  A person who invites the world to that “fair” is only inviting trouble.  If you are gay, normal, like animals, pre-operation or post operation the public should never know.  Keep your feelings to yourself lest you have all your privacy compromised!  The cover of the magazine is not only an invitation to Crazy Town but a psych warfare operation in my opinion.  I believe it is there to let you feel that it is ok to express your sexuality.  Keep it private.

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