5 Fathers Day Privacy Issues to Discuss With Dad

This Sunday as you go to spend time with your father and thank him for his services I think it may be important for you to share a few other things with him.  As you study recent technology and grow in your understanding of privacy many people you care about may not be keeping up.  In light of this I made a list of 5 items you may want to discuss with your father and make sure he is protected and safe in his privacy.
dad's day
1.       Stingrays:  Your father may think a stingray is one of those beautiful creatures swimming the coral reef off the coast of Florida but I’m talking about another creature from Florida.  The Stingray phone spying device by Harris corporation in Florida is selling very well.  This thing can do lots of spying on you.  It can do so much that I will just shorten it by saying this: It’s like having your phone from a remote location and using the device to do everything your phone could do.
2.       Spy Planes:  Your father may have heard of drones that fly around watching your property but is he aware that they are now fitted with phone tracking equipment?  These spy planes that could be used by anybody can fly over a property or area using equipment to mimic a cell phone tower and identify the person in that area by their phone signal.
3.       ALPR:  Despite the knowledge that Automatic License Plate Readers are around your father may not understand how prevalent the use is.  In fact ALPR is now also equipped with facial recognition software to identify the vehicle, the owner, and the occupants of the vehicle.  Who knew just driving down the road could be so intrusive?
4.       Smart Meters:  This is another one that your father needs to be sure he understands the gravity of.  The dishwasher really is spying on you as General David Petraeus pointed out just before his infamous hooker scandal.  He didn’t, however mention that your light bulb is capable of spying on you through the smart meter.  All that happens electronically is reported back to authorities when you have a smart meter.  The simplest explanation is that the appliances are designed to send a specific code through the alternating current so that the authorities will know what exact appliance you are running at a specific time.  Excuses for pulling the records include “the war on drugs”.  If you use a lot of electricity expect a raid since you may be growing drugs.
5.       Range-R:  The Range-R is an item many people have trouble believing but it is real.  This is a handheld device that can be used to watch the activities in your home by using highly sensitive radar that can penetrate most walls made of ordinary building materials.  This is supposed to be used by SWAT teams which may be a noble cause but what happens when this item falls into the hands of burglars?  And it will.
Don’t forget to tell your dad “Happy Fathers Day”!

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