App Protecting Smartphone Users is Under Attack!

Recently, a U.S. technology firm called Disconnect filed a complaint with European anti-trust regulators when it’s app was banned from the Google Play Store. Knowing just that tells us a lot, at least regarding privacy and effectiveness. These days companies like Google are working overtime to gather data from users phones. The idea is that Google has everyone’s information (such as what kind of coffee you drink, what electronics you are searching for, your location, etc.) then they can tailor advertising that is a perfect fit for you. Obviously there is some serious monetary value in this process, especially to hungry advertisers who want to attract a specific slice of consumers.

disconnect app

According to THE INTERCEPT article (see link below):

When you visit a website, usually unbeknown to you, other websites and services try to connect to your device in the background to collect data about your browsing habits. The Disconnect app allows users to view and block these invisible network connections, which the company says “permit intrusions into the personal privacy of users by facilitating tracking and the collection of personal information” and “expose users to risks associated with malware and other forms of cybercrime.” However, some of these same invisible connections are used to generate advertising revenue, an issue that appears to be at the root of Google’s decision to crack down on Disconnect.

google image

In a time where individuals continue to give up more and more privacy for technology and convenience, it will be interesting to see how this shakes out and what kind of decision is made in the European regulatory circles. We at Privacy Living recommend you take every precaution possible to maximize your privacy, even if only just based upon principle. We, like you, have nothing to hide; but, it’s no one’s business what we say or do. Hold onto your privacy while you can!

You can find the disconnect app here for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS:

See the full article here:

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