How the Chinese were able to Hack The Government

This week it was revealed that somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 million federal employees and applicants for federal employment had their information compromised.  Though, the Chinese deny any involvement in this I have to say if I was a federal employee in any communist country right now I would be very nervous.  I also believe that it is the responsibility of their handlers to bring those employees back and out of harms way.  The Chinese have a history of cheating on trade and they are most certainly not a friend of the USA.  Make no mistake about it,  China is communist.  This puts them in bed with North Korea, Russia, Venezuela and parts of Mexico.  This means that all those individuals that have been hacked could find themselves in a communist data base in any of these countries.  If you are married to or live with or are related to any of these federal employees you may have been listed as an acquaintance or reference on their application for the job.  So you may also be in the communist data base.
You may want to know how they did it now.  Well I don’t know exactly what they did but I would guess that a traitor on the inside was involved.  Computer experts can access things from remote places of course but I think a rat was involved.  The main thing that went wrong is the fact that this information is in under the cyber umbrella.  When it is put into the internet it is there for the taking.  Many people have made a great living providing cyber defense and defending against hackers but in my opinion if an attack is eminent why not avoid it all together?  This information should never be put on a computer, no matter how “secure” it supposedly is.  If this information had been in hard files it would be impossible to steal the information of 18 million people.  I don’t know of any time in history that the Amish files have been hacked.  Something has to change if they truly don’t want this to happen again.
The lesson for you is simple.  This hack took place because of a reliability on technology.  You need to remove yourself from the tech world as much as you can.  Pay attention to what it really needed and what is just an addiction in your technical world.  Start getting off of this stuff today and make improvements when you can.  Invest yourself into old technology and when you go onto new age technology it should be like being inserted into the matrix.  You should be ultra alert and ultra suspicious of this new technology.  Avoid putting any information about yourself on these new devices.  The Chines may find it useful!

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