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What Would You do if You Were Hillary Clinton?

If you watch mainstream news, then you know by now that there is a huge scandal over missing and deleted emails from Hillary’s server regarding foreign policy.  The story is that there are  some state owned messages(that is information owned by the United States of America since they were sent while she was secretary of state for the US) that were co-mingled with personal emails.
Now the problem is that most of the emails have been deleted off of the server and Hillary is saying the important emails were saved and turned over.  The big question in many people’s mind is: Were there any illegal or unethical activities that may have been deleted in order to conceal the truth to the American people?  After all you can’t blame somebody for protecting themselves.  If I had secrets that I wanted to keep, I wouldn’t let that information out either.
hillary clinton photo
It is my opinion that the American public will never know what is missing unless she is elected president and a foreign power uses it for some sort of blackmail against America.  How could they do this?  Well the fact is that Hillary may have deleted her side of the emails but the people receiving them may have saved them and when that information begins to have a value it will surface.  It is also my opinion that as a matter of national security the missing emails should be pursued by the best detectives the government has.  All servers of all known recipients of emails from Hillary should be seized and gone through thoroughly until all missing information is found.  Just in case you didn’t know it deleted emails can be recovered from a server by a real professional.  This is what would happen in a real investigation and this is the reason I am writing this blog; not because I care about the latest Hillary email scandal.
For a moment, don’t think about Hillary Clinton.  Think about yourself and what would happen to you if you were in this situation.  A detective or investigator with minimal training knows how to do this type of investigation and in a real investigation any server that could be obtained would be taken and sent to a computer expert for a thorough search.  Don’t be fooled by what you are seeing in the mainstream media.  You are not Hillary Clinton.  You need to be more careful than she is with your private information.  Don’t co-mingle anything; even if it’s personal.  If you have a job with a work email, only use that for work related emails and only use that computer and server for work.  Make no exceptions to this.  If you have multiple private emails don’t co-mingle them either.  This is just the basics and don’t think you are above scrutiny especially from your employer.  When business gets slow, funding gets cut or you have a co-worker with a grudge the management will look for reasons to cut you from the staff.  When they do a background check on you and go into your emails (including the deleted ones) what will they find?

African White Girl’s Parents Turn on Her

Many of you may have heard the recent story of the white girl with white parents posing as an African American and working for the NAACP.  Her reign ended when her white parents came out on national TV and outed her.  Some may say “good, nobody likes a poser” while others say “she did nothing wrong and she should be left alone”.  But has anyone considered what it takes for a mom and dad to ruin their daughter’s sense of being?  Maybe not much.  They could have had an argument, the parents may have decided enough is enough or the media may have offered them some cold hard cash for the story.  Either way, the catalyst is not my concern.
family sihlouette
What concerns me is that it happened.  If the African White girl ever thought she would have to worry about having her identity compromised by her parents she probably would have made arrangements.  She probably just never saw it coming.
When I first heard this story I immediately linked it to several other incidents.  When journalist Evan Ratliff tried a disappearing stunt for the purposes of journalism he entrusted his mother with a private cell phone number in case of emergency.  She soon called him on that phone just to talk.  It was almost as if she had ignored the part about the number needing to be used for emergencies only.  Nobody got hurt but again the question comes out.  What is going on with family?
Here’s another one:  Ted Kaczynski (the uni-bomber) was turned in by his own brother.  This is a time when it was probably best that a brother turns in a brother but I’m sure Kaczynski was not expecting it.
In a more recent story where a female prison employee helped 2 inmates escape from a New York prison recently, it turns out they had all agreed to runaway together after the 2 inmates killed her husband.  I don’t mean to alarm anybody here but sometimes you can trust someone with your life.  You can fall in love with that person and marry them, but they may take that part about “til death do us part” a little too serious.  Sometimes the person you would take a bullet for is behind the trigger!
broken family
The fact is that when it comes to privacy, family is not always the best choice to trust with your secrets.  Sometimes family just doesn’t’ understand what you are trying to do.  Many times they don’t even believe what is going on because they don’t know about technology.  Many times I tell people that all cell phones can be turned on remotely and you can be getting listened to remotely and they will look at me like I am the crazy one.  Hopefully all of you know this is possible, but many times your family and friends may smile in your face while secretly contemplating getting mental help for you.
My main point is that many times we are lulled into a false sense of security by our friends and family but when it comes to your safety and security you need to be sure a person is on your level.  You shouldn’t assume.  For now I can tell you this: any secret is always safe when you tell no one!

New USPS Forever Stamps Contain a QR Code

usps forever stamp qr code

Did you know that USPS Forever stamps now contain a numbered, QR Code which is of course scannable and trackable? First, lets tackle what a QR Code is. Wikipedia defines a QR Code as,

QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode) first designed for the automotive industry in Japan. A barcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached. A QR code uses four standardized encoding modes (numeric, alphanumeric, byte / binary, and kanji) to efficiently store data; extensions may also be used.[1]

The QR Code system has become popular outside the automotive industry due to its fast readability and greater storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodes. Applications include product tracking, item identification, time tracking, document management, general marketing, and much more.[2]

US Mail Stamp Dispenser

US Mail Stamp Dispenser


A QR code consists of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by an imaging device (such as a camera) and processed using Reed–Solomon error correction until the image can be appropriately interpreted. The required data are then extracted from patterns present in both horizontal and vertical components of the image.”

Interestingly enough, QR codes were originally used in the manufacturing industry for managing automobile parts inventory. In recent years they have been utilized for promotional purposes by companies trying to link products and services to customers using smart phones. Now the QR codes can be found on the United States Postal Service stamps you use to mail letters.

Although you can purchase stamps at places like grocery stores and other common stores, the primary source for the new stamps is the US post office in your neighborhood (and online, of course). And when using the USPS vending machine to purchase stamps, you are required to use either a credit card or debit card (cash is not accepted).

And so when we put all these pieces of the stamp puzzle together, we can see that privacy and anonymity for individuals have once again been left in the dust, ostensibly in the name of convenience and technology. Advocates of the new system of stamp dispensation would argue that no one is tracking your stamp use and it’s simply an easier, high tech way of connecting with customers. But we should all question the placement of numbered codes (dispensed by machines that collect your personal banking information) on a simple stamp – especially living in a world where the NSA is admittedly listening to our phone conversations and collecting data on innocent US citizens on a daily basis.

Not worried about your privacy yet? Then check out this article promoting waste management using the QR coding system – tracking your garbage!

Apparently (according to the article) we should be more like the Chinese and allow authorities to track our garbage from our doorstep all the way to the landfill. Each trash bag has a scanned code which determines where each bag will go (and reverse-engineering, where it comes from). It’s easy to see that this use of codes creates a slippery slope of tracking systems, and the next question should be where does it end?

Do we really need to be tracking so much of our personal life?

We believe the answer is that a bold line should be drawn where our privacy begins. We don’t need all these tracking devices because it hurts our personal freedom and encourages government oversight and abuse of citizens’ rights.

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You Will Not Be Left Out: Drone Spying Affects All Americans

As spying on the good citizens of the world continues and they are singled out, ostracized and imprisoned it may not dawn on some of you that you are becoming complacent.
Just because they haven’t gotten to you yet, you need to understand that you could be next.  It may be tomorrow, the next day or next year, but if you hold traditional values and are a decent person you are ripe to be abused by the encroaching communist agenda. I write these words not to scare you but to wake you up and make sure you are preparing yourself for the day you or a member of your family are put into a bad situation because of your beliefs or because of your way of life.
More drones are hitting the skies every day and they are becoming more advanced.  No matter what you are hearing or reading from the mainstream it is important to understand that the spying will continue.  Make a plan for you and your family according to your situation because just like anything else left up to chance; your number will come up at some point in the game.
deadly drone

Has Your Vehicle Computer Been Backdoored? Your safety May Depend on the Year Model of Your Car!

Several months ago I warned my readers about the dangers of newer model cars.  Perhaps an older car doesn’t have all the new age features that a late model car does and this is where you may want to decide the value of your privacy but today’s conversation is about your safety and the lives of your family!
The Jeep Cherokee hack has been broadcast all over the news but if you missed it a couple of hackers in a controlled environment remotely hacked into the computer of a Jeep Cherokee and took control of the vehicles functions.  I think the Jeep is just getting an unfair rap here because this can be done to all newer model vehicles.  There is a back door on all of these computerized vehicles.
Jeep Cherokee Hack
If you are old enough to remember when these vehicle computers were first being put into cars you may also remember the first time the computer malfunctioned in your car.  It made us all question the need for these wretched computers.  A vehicle can be made and made to function well without a computer but it generates more money for automakers when repairs can’t be performed by a regular car owner.  Secondly, I believe that from the very beginning a plan was in place to take advantage of drivers using a computerized back door.
The theories can go wild regarding what can be done to a person’s vehicle if they are an enemy of the state or the enemy of some very powerful entity that could pay hackers like these individuals that hacked the Jeep.  I worry most about terrorists who could take control of a vehicle and cause a tragedy and I will take this opportunity to suggest you read my earlier report on why classic cars are good and the problems with black boxes.  Here’s that article:
I will also ask that you read my article about the driverless car demonstration that ended in a breakdown in Washington DC.  Here’s that article:

Planned Parenthood May Owe You a Legal Claim?

Recently the Planned Parenthood body parts sales scandal rocked the media and surprised many people.  I really don’t know why.  Pepsi used aborted baby livers for years to test their products until they recently stopped due to public outcry.  Smugglers are routinely arrested on their way to China to sell baby parts since many believe that the baby parts ground up and consumed will keep them young.
The story, no matter how horrific, is still just another one to throw on the pile.  The aborted baby trade is alive and well and now Planned Parenthood just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar….At least I think that was their hand!  Who knows?  The first thing I thought of is who has rights to these baby parts and who should get the money.
Planned Parenthood doesn’t call the babies “babies” they call it “tissue”.  The use of tissue without asking the client is nothing new.  In the early 1950’s doctors took a tissue sample from a cancer patient named Henrietta Lacks (without her knowledge or consent) and believe it or not that tissue line still grows today.  Her tissue sample was the first immortal tissue cell line ever created.  Now of course we have the human genome project and if you follow that funnel down we are all Soo SCREWWWED!  Privacy is no more when it comes down to what is going on in your own body.
human dna
In the 1990 case Moore v. Regents of the University of California the court ruled that discarded human tissue doesn’t belong to the person it came from and it can be commercialized.  So the question that has to be solved is “human baby” or “tissue”?  And if it is “human baby” who does a discarded baby belong to?
If you have aborted a baby at Planned Parenthood you may be owed some compensation.  You may also be owed an apology if your baby or “tissue” was eaten by a Chinese guru trying to extend his or her life.
Let’s keep in mind that one thing is for sure.  Selling baby parts is a federal felony.  Look it up:  (42 U.S. code 274e).  However, I submit to you that if anyone can sit and calmly sip wine and dine on a salad while discussing selling baby parts and how to drag the baby out in order to save more profitable parts we have a bigger problem!  GET PRIVATE NOW!

El Chapo Escapes Again! I am Vindicated Again!!

Today is a great day for me.  Of course the world is on fire, people are dying, we’re on the verge of WW3 and now El Chapo has tunneled out of prison.  But today is a day I can hold my head up high because this escape vindicates me in a way.
I have many haters who try to frame me as a bad guy that helps the underworld by helping them skirt laws and avoid being a part of “legitimate” society.  Today some “legitimate” people are scrambling for their lives.  You see, the real reason I created this site is to save lives, and today a psychopath murdering billionaire is out of jail.  Do you think he may be coming after the officials in Chicago who labeled him “Public Enemy #1”?  Do you think he is coming after the people who have warrants for him all over the United States?  Do you thing he came up with a good plan while he was sitting stewing in a Mexican prison for the last year?  Do you think he has someone on the payroll at the alphabet agencies who can find anybody?
mexico prison break
Right now anybody who helped sell this guy out or has any negative connection to him is in grave danger.  He is not just some angry stalker.  He is a billionaire and he can buy anything he wants.  If you don’t know who El Chapo is, he is the biggest drug lord in the world and was at one time featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s richest men.
This is a time where no target is safe.  The only chance one might have is to disappear and disconnect from the spy gear (A.K.A. smart phones).  There are no amount of body guards that could protect a targeted person because these body guards may not be trust worthy.  A person on El Chapo’s list is literally on his own.
So, now the good people of the world who tried to bring down a bad guy are going to need a plan until this man is caught again.  He will be caught but what will be the cost in the mean time.
This is what is all about.  We help people who are running for their lives.  If you think you are in danger from this guy you may want to read some of the blogs we have posted on privacy.  If you have an emergency you may want to have a consultation with us.  We are here to help.  And for those of you who don’t like what I do, think before you judge.

big old lock keeps this door shut

Experts Quietly Predict More Cyber Attacks on the United States

As you may have noticed there have been more cyber-attacks on US companies and government organizations lately. The most recent example of a cyber-attack was allegedly conducted by Chinese hackers who infiltrated US Government computers and stole millions of government workers personal data in June 2015. It may not be clear to the layperson what hackers seek to achieve by collecting off-limits data; however, the attack on US Government computers focused on those individuals who had high level security clearances – in other words, those people who are frequently put in charge of sensitive and valuable resources, including data, weapons and other targets. For simplicity sake, it is analogous to breaking into the security guards desk and stealing his keys. The keys aren’t intrinsically valuable, but if the keys unlock the bank vault that is full of gold, then they are infinitely valuable.

Unfortunately, the hackers haven’t stopped there. On July 8, United Airlines, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Stock Exchange ground to a halt after “glitches” caused system shutdown. This occurred on the same day that the Chinese government attempted to shutter it’s own stockmarket to prevent a meltdown. But the mainstream media assured us all that it was just a glitch in the system and definitely not cyber terrorism. Of course, we believe that. Of course…three symbols of American strength go down on the same day? It’s just a coincidence and you are a conspiracy theorist if think otherwise!

Here’s what the group “anonymous” tweeted on July 7th, the day prior to the major outage:

Anonymous Tweet nyse

But that’s just a coincidence too. I’m sure Anonymous meant something else altogether.

Some people are afraid that the recent attacks were just warming up for something bigger, and some other concerns that come to mind are our electric grid, nuclear power and fossil fuel processing facilities (like refineries). There are other critical infrastructures within the US, but in my mind, the electric grid is probably the most vulnerable and frightening. In the past, Americans prepared for natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes, nuclear disasters in the 1960s during the cold war and even fuel shortages and disruptions in the 1970s. But what happens if the power grid goes down and stays down for weeks? The answer is not pretty, and probably more frightening than most other disasters I can think of. Are you prepared?

NYSE Shutdown

The point is that despite the official state run media blitz stating that the recent cyber attacks were “glitches”, it is clear that more cyber attacks are coming. Prepare. has written more on these subjects, which you can find here on our website.


Shots for Tots is An Outrage

The “Shots for Tots” scandal is just breaking and I don’t know how big it is going to be but I’m guessing with the money backing the drug industry everybody will get a check and shut up real soon.  Although I don’t have a huge audience I am hoping you will pay close attention.  If you haven’t heard already, a program in New Jersey called “Shots for Tots” just got busted giving the wrong vaccines to some low income children.  One young boy was “accidentally” given the deadly Gardasil (anti-HPV) vaccine and at this time his condition is not known.
vaccine poison
Why is it that these little “accidents” always seem to involve the poor?  There is a movement against vaccines among the patriotic, informed, Tea Party, Christian types around America but these kid’s mothers probably had no clue that vaccines can harm their children.  They know now.  Now they have no excuse!  Some will say what I’m about to suggest is crazy but I am just going to give you my best guess.  This scandal is a kind of a joke.  It is a message to the people from those who wish to prove the stupidity of the population.
Despite being shown the frailty of the forced vaccine campaign the mothers of these victimized children will continue to march their children into the free clinic in droves.  This is prima facie evidence to those who would prefer to reduce the population.  This is why you know about the scandal.  ARE YOU STUPID TOO?  With the mountain of evidence are you going to march your children into the killing lab too?  This is not an isolated incident.  This is just another outrage.
vaccination schedule

Greek Debt, Power Outages, Looters and Being Prepared

While Greece is experiencing turmoil and an unclear path forward, individual Greeks are coping with bigger, more immediate problems, such as how to feed their families. If you are following world news outlets you know that Greek banks are closed. When the bank is closed, no money can be withdrawn. When families don’t have any money, they can’t purchase food at the grocery store. This may seem simplistic, but many Greeks are finding out the hard way what happens when you are not prepared.

According to CNN Money, 76% of American families live paycheck to paycheck. This means they are frequently withdrawing cash that was just earned at a job. This also means that 3/4 of Americans are not saving money for difficult times and are not prepared for an emergency. Think of it this way: if you live in a suburban neighborhood like many Americans,  3 out of every 4 neighbors in your neighborhood wouldn’t have enough food to last a week and must go to the grocery store or a restaurant several times each week. Imagine if the power was off for a few days after a bad storm passed through. Your friendly neighbors could become not so friendly, and perhaps want what you have! If you don’t think that disasters happen, then think again; they happen all the time. And the government may not be there to help you.

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast of the US and knocked out power for a week (at one point more than 15 million people had lost power), killed scores of people, affected 18 states and canceled thousands of airline flights. Would you be ready for a disaster if it happened to you? What if the bank is closed and the shelves at the grocery store are empty, like in Greece?

empty shelf

On a personal note, I recommend that you stop what you are reading now and assess your personal situation. What can you do to prepare for a worst case scenario such as a violent storm, power outage, or something more unimaginable, like war? Do you have water, food stored, cash on hand and a means to protect your supplies? Like many Americans, I live in a normal neighborhood where families reside and working people go to work every day to make a living.

Recently we were impacted by seasonal storms that caused a power outage. I felt like I was prepared; I had a flash light, some stored bottled water and a few other items, so I felt confident. However, the storm truly tested my preparedness. I had been monitoring the storm using the local news media’s weather website prior to the storm. When power went down and all the lights went out, I thought I could just depend upon my cell phone to monitor the storm using the local weather app. Murphy’s Law was obviously in play, because when I attempted to access the app, their weather website and app went down. I was surprised, to say the least. But the bad luck continued. My cell phone “froze” and wouldn’t allow me to make calls or even turn it off (it’s an Iphone – go figure)! Luckily, I remembered I had an old battery powered weather radio and I was able to use it to monitor the storm and determine when it had passed. We were also able to use our land line phone, which doesn’t require power to operate (unless you have a cordless phone). Who says old world technology like land line phones and weather radios are dead??

Another angle that I’d like to add to my experience was the human factor. While I was busy trying to secure my family during the storm (we stayed in our closet) and solve communication problems, another dangerous tale was playing out in my neighborhood. There’s a small convenience store in my neighborhood that also experienced the power outage as we did. Despite the fact that the power outage seemed to last forever, in reality the outage only lasted for 2-3 hours. Yet I found out later that a thug attempted to break into the neighborhood store, but was dissuaded when the owner of the store used a little “fire power” demonstration. He quickly tucked his tale and ran. But what might have happened if things were different?

When I found out about the potential looter days later I was shocked. Crime in our neighborhood is practically non-existent and most people in the neighborhood take pride in being friendly and trustworthy. The small town camaraderie and familiarity is alive and well; yet it only took an hour or two for someone to reduce the situation to looting. Are you prepared to defend yourself and your family if looters show up at your door during the storm?

looter defense

Soon enough, Greeks may be experiencing the negative effects that follow a major catastrophe, natural or otherwise. Hopefully they (and you) will remember that luck always favors the prepared. Be prepared, for anything.