Escaped New York Prisoners Employ Jack Reacher Style Tactics

In the best selling Lee Child novel “One Shot” the main character, Jack Reacher uses many unorthodox tactics in order to accomplish his means.  Of coarse in all of the Jack Reacher series that I am aware of he is always fighting for the good side.  Near the end of the book when Jack is trying to penetrate the grounds of the highly secured estate of “The Zek” (the bad guy) he is aware of thermal imaging cameras.  His solution was to soak himself with the cold water from the irrigation system in order to mask his body heat signature in the cool night air.  Of course it worked!  It’s a fiction novel but I don’t know if I would try it unless backed into a corner.
 jack reacher
This leads us to Richard Matt and David Sweat, the escaped convicts from the prison in upstate New York.  Allegedly due to the wet rainy weather the men may had been able to mask their body signatures for some time when helicopters flew over the search grid with heat sensing equipment.  It brings to mind the question; Did these men plan their escape partly around pending rainy weather?  Have they read the Lee Child novel?
Now that one is caught and the other is dead it is clear that the best laid plans are of mice, men, and sociopaths!  Below I have also included the link to an article I read describing how they used picnic style pepper shakers to try foiling the dogs off their scent.  Again, not a sure fire tactic, but may have helped them a little.  The best thing here is that these guys are no longer out of jail and the public is safe from them, but there are serious lessons to be learned here.  I won’t list them but I think the most important three are as follows: ENTROPY ENTROPY ENTROPY!
predator mud

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