Shots for Tots is An Outrage

The “Shots for Tots” scandal is just breaking and I don’t know how big it is going to be but I’m guessing with the money backing the drug industry everybody will get a check and shut up real soon.  Although I don’t have a huge audience I am hoping you will pay close attention.  If you haven’t heard already, a program in New Jersey called “Shots for Tots” just got busted giving the wrong vaccines to some low income children.  One young boy was “accidentally” given the deadly Gardasil (anti-HPV) vaccine and at this time his condition is not known.
vaccine poison
Why is it that these little “accidents” always seem to involve the poor?  There is a movement against vaccines among the patriotic, informed, Tea Party, Christian types around America but these kid’s mothers probably had no clue that vaccines can harm their children.  They know now.  Now they have no excuse!  Some will say what I’m about to suggest is crazy but I am just going to give you my best guess.  This scandal is a kind of a joke.  It is a message to the people from those who wish to prove the stupidity of the population.
Despite being shown the frailty of the forced vaccine campaign the mothers of these victimized children will continue to march their children into the free clinic in droves.  This is prima facie evidence to those who would prefer to reduce the population.  This is why you know about the scandal.  ARE YOU STUPID TOO?  With the mountain of evidence are you going to march your children into the killing lab too?  This is not an isolated incident.  This is just another outrage.
vaccination schedule

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