Experts Quietly Predict More Cyber Attacks on the United States

As you may have noticed there have been more cyber-attacks on US companies and government organizations lately. The most recent example of a cyber-attack was allegedly conducted by Chinese hackers who infiltrated US Government computers and stole millions of government workers personal data in June 2015. It may not be clear to the layperson what hackers seek to achieve by collecting off-limits data; however, the attack on US Government computers focused on those individuals who had high level security clearances – in other words, those people who are frequently put in charge of sensitive and valuable resources, including data, weapons and other targets. For simplicity sake, it is analogous to breaking into the security guards desk and stealing his keys. The keys aren’t intrinsically valuable, but if the keys unlock the bank vault that is full of gold, then they are infinitely valuable.

Unfortunately, the hackers haven’t stopped there. On July 8, United Airlines, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Stock Exchange ground to a halt after “glitches” caused system shutdown. This occurred on the same day that the Chinese government attempted to shutter it’s own stockmarket to prevent a meltdown. But the mainstream media assured us all that it was just a glitch in the system and definitely not cyber terrorism. Of course, we believe that. Of course…three symbols of American strength go down on the same day? It’s just a coincidence and you are a conspiracy theorist if think otherwise!

Here’s what the group “anonymous” tweeted on July 7th, the day prior to the major outage:

Anonymous Tweet nyse

But that’s just a coincidence too. I’m sure Anonymous meant something else altogether.

Some people are afraid that the recent attacks were just warming up for something bigger, and some other concerns that come to mind are our electric grid, nuclear power and fossil fuel processing facilities (like refineries). There are other critical infrastructures within the US, but in my mind, the electric grid is probably the most vulnerable and frightening. In the past, Americans prepared for natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes, nuclear disasters in the 1960s during the cold war and even fuel shortages and disruptions in the 1970s. But what happens if the power grid goes down and stays down for weeks? The answer is not pretty, and probably more frightening than most other disasters I can think of. Are you prepared?

NYSE Shutdown

The point is that despite the official state run media blitz stating that the recent cyber attacks were “glitches”, it is clear that more cyber attacks are coming. Prepare. has written more on these subjects, which you can find here on our website.



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