El Chapo Escapes Again! I am Vindicated Again!!

Today is a great day for me.  Of course the world is on fire, people are dying, we’re on the verge of WW3 and now El Chapo has tunneled out of prison.  But today is a day I can hold my head up high because this escape vindicates me in a way.
I have many haters who try to frame me as a bad guy that helps the underworld by helping them skirt laws and avoid being a part of “legitimate” society.  Today some “legitimate” people are scrambling for their lives.  You see, the real reason I created this site is to save lives, and today a psychopath murdering billionaire is out of jail.  Do you think he may be coming after the officials in Chicago who labeled him “Public Enemy #1”?  Do you think he is coming after the people who have warrants for him all over the United States?  Do you thing he came up with a good plan while he was sitting stewing in a Mexican prison for the last year?  Do you think he has someone on the payroll at the alphabet agencies who can find anybody?
mexico prison break
Right now anybody who helped sell this guy out or has any negative connection to him is in grave danger.  He is not just some angry stalker.  He is a billionaire and he can buy anything he wants.  If you don’t know who El Chapo is, he is the biggest drug lord in the world and was at one time featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s richest men.
This is a time where no target is safe.  The only chance one might have is to disappear and disconnect from the spy gear (A.K.A. smart phones).  There are no amount of body guards that could protect a targeted person because these body guards may not be trust worthy.  A person on El Chapo’s list is literally on his own.
So, now the good people of the world who tried to bring down a bad guy are going to need a plan until this man is caught again.  He will be caught but what will be the cost in the mean time.
This is what privacyliving.com is all about.  We help people who are running for their lives.  If you think you are in danger from this guy you may want to read some of the blogs we have posted on privacy.  If you have an emergency you may want to have a consultation with us.  We are here to help.  And for those of you who don’t like what I do, think before you judge.

big old lock keeps this door shut

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