Planned Parenthood May Owe You a Legal Claim?

Recently the Planned Parenthood body parts sales scandal rocked the media and surprised many people.  I really don’t know why.  Pepsi used aborted baby livers for years to test their products until they recently stopped due to public outcry.  Smugglers are routinely arrested on their way to China to sell baby parts since many believe that the baby parts ground up and consumed will keep them young.
The story, no matter how horrific, is still just another one to throw on the pile.  The aborted baby trade is alive and well and now Planned Parenthood just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar….At least I think that was their hand!  Who knows?  The first thing I thought of is who has rights to these baby parts and who should get the money.
Planned Parenthood doesn’t call the babies “babies” they call it “tissue”.  The use of tissue without asking the client is nothing new.  In the early 1950’s doctors took a tissue sample from a cancer patient named Henrietta Lacks (without her knowledge or consent) and believe it or not that tissue line still grows today.  Her tissue sample was the first immortal tissue cell line ever created.  Now of course we have the human genome project and if you follow that funnel down we are all Soo SCREWWWED!  Privacy is no more when it comes down to what is going on in your own body.
human dna
In the 1990 case Moore v. Regents of the University of California the court ruled that discarded human tissue doesn’t belong to the person it came from and it can be commercialized.  So the question that has to be solved is “human baby” or “tissue”?  And if it is “human baby” who does a discarded baby belong to?
If you have aborted a baby at Planned Parenthood you may be owed some compensation.  You may also be owed an apology if your baby or “tissue” was eaten by a Chinese guru trying to extend his or her life.
Let’s keep in mind that one thing is for sure.  Selling baby parts is a federal felony.  Look it up:  (42 U.S. code 274e).  However, I submit to you that if anyone can sit and calmly sip wine and dine on a salad while discussing selling baby parts and how to drag the baby out in order to save more profitable parts we have a bigger problem!  GET PRIVATE NOW!

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