You Will Not Be Left Out: Drone Spying Affects All Americans

As spying on the good citizens of the world continues and they are singled out, ostracized and imprisoned it may not dawn on some of you that you are becoming complacent.
Just because they haven’t gotten to you yet, you need to understand that you could be next.  It may be tomorrow, the next day or next year, but if you hold traditional values and are a decent person you are ripe to be abused by the encroaching communist agenda. I write these words not to scare you but to wake you up and make sure you are preparing yourself for the day you or a member of your family are put into a bad situation because of your beliefs or because of your way of life.
More drones are hitting the skies every day and they are becoming more advanced.  No matter what you are hearing or reading from the mainstream it is important to understand that the spying will continue.  Make a plan for you and your family according to your situation because just like anything else left up to chance; your number will come up at some point in the game.
deadly drone

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