African White Girl’s Parents Turn on Her

Many of you may have heard the recent story of the white girl with white parents posing as an African American and working for the NAACP.  Her reign ended when her white parents came out on national TV and outed her.  Some may say “good, nobody likes a poser” while others say “she did nothing wrong and she should be left alone”.  But has anyone considered what it takes for a mom and dad to ruin their daughter’s sense of being?  Maybe not much.  They could have had an argument, the parents may have decided enough is enough or the media may have offered them some cold hard cash for the story.  Either way, the catalyst is not my concern.
family sihlouette
What concerns me is that it happened.  If the African White girl ever thought she would have to worry about having her identity compromised by her parents she probably would have made arrangements.  She probably just never saw it coming.
When I first heard this story I immediately linked it to several other incidents.  When journalist Evan Ratliff tried a disappearing stunt for the purposes of journalism he entrusted his mother with a private cell phone number in case of emergency.  She soon called him on that phone just to talk.  It was almost as if she had ignored the part about the number needing to be used for emergencies only.  Nobody got hurt but again the question comes out.  What is going on with family?
Here’s another one:  Ted Kaczynski (the uni-bomber) was turned in by his own brother.  This is a time when it was probably best that a brother turns in a brother but I’m sure Kaczynski was not expecting it.
In a more recent story where a female prison employee helped 2 inmates escape from a New York prison recently, it turns out they had all agreed to runaway together after the 2 inmates killed her husband.  I don’t mean to alarm anybody here but sometimes you can trust someone with your life.  You can fall in love with that person and marry them, but they may take that part about “til death do us part” a little too serious.  Sometimes the person you would take a bullet for is behind the trigger!
broken family
The fact is that when it comes to privacy, family is not always the best choice to trust with your secrets.  Sometimes family just doesn’t’ understand what you are trying to do.  Many times they don’t even believe what is going on because they don’t know about technology.  Many times I tell people that all cell phones can be turned on remotely and you can be getting listened to remotely and they will look at me like I am the crazy one.  Hopefully all of you know this is possible, but many times your family and friends may smile in your face while secretly contemplating getting mental help for you.
My main point is that many times we are lulled into a false sense of security by our friends and family but when it comes to your safety and security you need to be sure a person is on your level.  You shouldn’t assume.  For now I can tell you this: any secret is always safe when you tell no one!

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