What Would You do if You Were Hillary Clinton?

If you watch mainstream news, then you know by now that there is a huge scandal over missing and deleted emails from Hillary’s server regarding foreign policy.  The story is that there are  some state owned messages(that is information owned by the United States of America since they were sent while she was secretary of state for the US) that were co-mingled with personal emails.
Now the problem is that most of the emails have been deleted off of the server and Hillary is saying the important emails were saved and turned over.  The big question in many people’s mind is: Were there any illegal or unethical activities that may have been deleted in order to conceal the truth to the American people?  After all you can’t blame somebody for protecting themselves.  If I had secrets that I wanted to keep, I wouldn’t let that information out either.
hillary clinton photo
It is my opinion that the American public will never know what is missing unless she is elected president and a foreign power uses it for some sort of blackmail against America.  How could they do this?  Well the fact is that Hillary may have deleted her side of the emails but the people receiving them may have saved them and when that information begins to have a value it will surface.  It is also my opinion that as a matter of national security the missing emails should be pursued by the best detectives the government has.  All servers of all known recipients of emails from Hillary should be seized and gone through thoroughly until all missing information is found.  Just in case you didn’t know it deleted emails can be recovered from a server by a real professional.  This is what would happen in a real investigation and this is the reason I am writing this blog; not because I care about the latest Hillary email scandal.
For a moment, don’t think about Hillary Clinton.  Think about yourself and what would happen to you if you were in this situation.  A detective or investigator with minimal training knows how to do this type of investigation and in a real investigation any server that could be obtained would be taken and sent to a computer expert for a thorough search.  Don’t be fooled by what you are seeing in the mainstream media.  You are not Hillary Clinton.  You need to be more careful than she is with your private information.  Don’t co-mingle anything; even if it’s personal.  If you have a job with a work email, only use that for work related emails and only use that computer and server for work.  Make no exceptions to this.  If you have multiple private emails don’t co-mingle them either.  This is just the basics and don’t think you are above scrutiny especially from your employer.  When business gets slow, funding gets cut or you have a co-worker with a grudge the management will look for reasons to cut you from the staff.  When they do a background check on you and go into your emails (including the deleted ones) what will they find?

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