The Fastest Way to Move Out of Oregon

california traffic jamI have always considered Oregon to be a very beautiful state. However, I also thought California was beautiful. The problem with California is the well-known reputation it has for communism and lack of freedom. An otherwise beautiful state is unfortunately suffering from its own terrible policies and has been on the verge of state bankruptcy for several years now, but even with the obvious track record of California’s bad fiscal decisions they have a neighbor continuing the legacy. Oregon is no doubt trying to re-invent the wheel.

If you happen to be out on the west coast and see a traffic jam coming out of the beautiful state of Oregon don’t be surprised. They are probably looking for a place where freedom is allowed. Recently Oregon passed a law to put GPS tracking devices on every resident’s car in order to properly collect road taxes (that’s what they say). They say that electric car drivers are cheating the system since road tax is usually collected through fuel consumption.

Let me just say that I believe everyone should pay their fair share but this stalking state has gotten way out of hand. It’s really unbelievable that the people of Oregon actually put up with this tyranny. If you live in Oregon I just want to remind you that there are many beautiful countries that you could move to if you don’t mind being ruled by communist dictators. The individuals who passed this law should be immediately recalled, but unfortunately it appears that some of the great residents of Oregon are brainwashed into thinking this is ok.

agenda 21When I read this article on “The New American” I was shocked that some twerp driving an electric car had stepped up to say he thinks he has been “freeloading” for too long. I wish we could normalize relations with North Korea so guys like this could go there.

If you live in Oregon it may be time to consider leaving for good, but not so fast! In my favorite book by JJ Luna “How to Be Invisible” he discusses the ghost address. This could come in handy for individuals who may have property in Oregon but live somewhere else. Maybe you have a weekend house in Oregon and live in a free country like the USA. You could move to Idaho and keep your weekend house in Oregon!

agenda 21 tyranny

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