Update on The Mark of The Beast

It has hit the news again that another individual has been implanted with a microchip.  Of course as it was a few years ago, there is so much great convenience associated with this implant and soon we all may not need wallets!!  For privacy seekers, Christian or not, we all cringe at the thought of not paying cash and having Skynet aware of all our activities.
A few years ago when Verachip was all the rage because of the medical benefits (if you were unconscious and taken to a hospital the Verichip implanted in your right arm would help medical professionals save you) It was overwhelmingly proven that the chip causes cancer.  The stock plummeted and for the last few years the chippers have kept a safe distance from the public.  I figured their strategy was to stand by and wait for the idiot masses to forget the bad press and then hit them again with a new campaign.  Perhaps this is the beginning of the wave.
rfid chip
This time around the effort seems to be normalizing chips with the public by reporting on brave individuals who take all the risk themselves and receive a benefit.  It appears it was all their idea.  For example: the most recent man, an engineer from Russia installed his own travel chip and melted his office swipe card into a chip and put them into his hand for convenience.
Perhaps more disturbing is the Do-It-Yourself instillation of a bio-monitor into the arm of Tim Cannon, a bio-hacker in Germany.  The device is sewn into his arm and when it turns on green lights can be seen glowing through his arm.  Cannon receives the benefit of receiving bio-information about himself on his smart phone or tablet.  Even more creepy is that Tim Cannon’s ultimate goal is to be a Cyborg (man merged with machine) and live for thousands of years.  And just in case you missed it, Bio-hacking is the industry that works to use technology in an effort to merge man and machine.  If you want to read the report about this by Vice here it is:  http://motherboard.vice.com/blog/the-diy-cyborg
If you want to sleep a little less at night I have another one for you.  Recently geek.com reported on a man who fashioned his own chip and implanted it in his hand in order to hack cell phone information.  Here’s the article for that one if you are interested:  http://www.geek.com/news/man-implants-nfc-chip-in-his-hand-to-hack-android-phones-1621591/
For now I just want to warn you that a new surge is taking place in the media to entice man to be foolish on his own.  This will ultimately lead to more fools trying to merge with machines for short term benefits and then create a consensus that chipping is ok.  That’s when it may become compulsory.  This is all evil.  If it is the mark of the beast I don’t know but it is VERY EVIL!  Don’t get cancer.  Don’t merge with machines.  BEWARE THE ROBOTS!

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