Do You Know Where You Are?….Your Phone Does!

This morning I was awakened earlier than I prefer (11:00 am) by my phone sounding off with an “End of The World” alarm.  NO, I didn’t set the alarm.  It was an Amber Alert.  I didn’t sign up for Amber Alerts.  Not that I don’t care about kids being snatched out of their yard.  It is just that most of these Amber Alerts turn out to be nothing more than custody battles between wife and estranged husband.  So I don’t sign up for Amber Alerts.
cell phone hack
That all doesn’t matter because the nanny state has apparently signed me up against my will.  They also have signed me up for weather alerts.  Recently the same Amber Alert sound went off on my phone to let me know there is flooding in the area.  All I can say is “Thanks”.  I guess they haven’t figured out a way to determine that I had just finished moving my animals up the hill to keep them out of the flood water that had already come.  It’s good to know the nanny messenger is not communicating with the people who are watching me from the air.  This was in an area not known for good phone service either but luckily they got the warning to me. I can’t imagine what humans have done about bad weather for the past 6000 years.

The point here is simple.  Even if your phone is off, you are being tracked.  Take your battery out at the very least (unless you have an apple).  You need to buy a shield of some sort to put your phone in and keep it from being tracked.  Things only get worse from here.

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