Does ISIS Have a Stingray?

Recently I was contemplating the threat level of the international terror group known by most people as ISIS and by patronizing politicians as ISIL and the Junior Varsity.  The group, whatever the name, has risen from suppression to the most well funded terror organization in the world and continues to conquer land in the Middle East killing everyone in their way or with dissenting beliefs.  They are funded the typical way any mob organization would be, but just imagine the mafia on steroids.  If there is a revenue stream they take it.  From stolen oil being sold under the table to toll roads all over their conquered territory to illegitimate tax collections, this organization is well organized and gaining momentum.
Now, you may be asking “who cares?  It’s the Middle East!”  The only problem here is that t ISIS has its sites set on America.  Many young men and women in the united states have fallen prey to the glamorous forecast offered by ISIS and are joining in droves.  Whether contrived or grass roots this movement has become a real threat to national security and now they have already struck in Texas and are planning to strike more targets.
When a well funded group with ill will and operatives inside America begin working against us the threat level is the sky.  This is where the question in the title comes along.  Does ISIS have a Stingray?  “What is a Stingray?” you ask.  There is plenty of documentation about it but in short, a “Stingray” is the brand name for the most popular of the spying devices that can jam radio and phone signals, check phone data, and identify people by mimicking their phone signals as well as listening to phone calls indiscriminately.  If it sounds familiar you may remember that police and sheriffs around the country have been buying and using them secretly against their own citizens.  Recently we even blogged about airplanes equipped with the item to fly over you and pick you out of a crowd by mimicking your cell phone signal.
(One quick tip about a stingray type device:  It can strengthen your phone signal, so if you find yourself in a known dead zone and your phone signal is working great, you may be under attack by a device.)
So, how much does it cost?  The price starts around half a million dollars and goes up as you add accessories.  Do you really think the best funded terror organization in the world can’t afford a $500,000 item?  This is the concern I have always had.  I know most of the time these guys trying to fight crime won’t misuse the item, but the product is available to criminal organizations as well.  Even if they are made illegal well funded terror groups can still get them.  Never under estimate the power of these evil organizations.  Never trust your cell phone.  I believe wholeheartedly that ISIS has a Stingray or at least something similar to it.  There is no need for them to have anything generic.  They can afford the best equipment to bring you down.  Don’t be a victim!
sting ray in action

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