Month: November 2015

Tech Privacy Will Soon be Back-Doored by Government

Recently pressure for tech companies to relinquish their hold on encryption has increased. Government agencies are growing more and more impatient with the designers of devices that allow users to communicate “in the dark” without fear of being monitored.

electronic spying

The repeated cries of the agencies is that dangerous terrorists like ISIS and other gangs are able to go dark and plot their evil. The proposed solution is for the government agencies to be granted a back door access by the tech companies who create the devices. This alleged back door would supposedly be used only in the most extreme cases of suspected wrongdoing and would only be accessible by approved government officers.

This all sounds good but you have to remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably isn’t true. This is where my take on things turns aside from the rest of the herd. This is all a big show in my opinion. I believe the back door on your device is already there and if you are someone of interest you are being watched and listened to right now. In fact, you can gather most of what I told you in the first couple of paragraphs from Fox News, but I am writing about it to warn my readers. Don’t be stupid. Don’t do illegal stuff, but also don’t think you are safe just because you are not doing anything illegal. The back door can also let burglars in. It can let foreign spies in as well. As far as only government employees having access to the back door, I will just say I hope you know how that goes.   Consider the last job you had. Did you lose the skills you learned at that job when you quit or got fired? Neither will government employees when they get fired or quit.

electronic chipBe honest with yourself. This modern technology is only going to make life easier for you and if you don’t keep up you will feel left out. I understand all that but don’t make decisions that are going to compromise your privacy.

5 or 6 Strategies to Combat the Robot Takeover

In the recent Fox Business republican debate an actual topic that I’m interested in was briefly touched upon by Senator Marco Rubio.  Let me just start by saying that Rubio is an establishment guy so not a good guy.  However, on the subject of minimum wage he pointed out that if minimum wage is raised then it will be cheaper to replace humans with Robots!
Is he right?  The unfortunate answer is “Probably”.  It is something I believe is desired by the elite and from a business angle who wouldn’t want to use robots over a complaining human employee that has actual real world issues?  So now let’s see what can be done here.
robot desk
Your pursuit of privacy is no easy task and it is not cheap so many of us have to work a job until the set up is complete and we disappear into nowhere for good.  So it will be important to see the task through by making sure you are not replaced by a robot.  Self inventory here is the key.  Here’s my 5 best ideas.
1.       Make sure you are not doing a job that a robot is already doing at another company.
2.       Take a job that you are pretty sure a robot will never be invented to do.
3.       Hedge your bet and take wages that you know will always be cheaper than the price of a robot.
4.       Keep focused on your goal of getting out of the rat race.  You want out of this deal ASAP.  Save your cash, start a budget and get off the grid.
5.       Start a small business and don’t answer to anybody but the customer and the market.
6.       My final point is optional.  If you are sitting at a red light one day and see a robot in the crosswalk….FLOOR IT!!!
Also, here’s a fun online calculator for determining if a robot will take your job in the future:

robot army

Will Drones Soon Become Illegal to Own?

Recently I have had a couple of great opportunities to be forced into a waiting room where CNN runs 24/7. I would complain but it gave me the ground work for what I’m about to say. If you are any kind of human that hasn’t been brainwashed in the matrix you know that CNN runs stories that promote the trending tyranny. Understanding this I was able to recently decode their propaganda against private drones. At this time as 60 different police departments are known to deploy drones on protesters around the nation as noted in this article by activist post CNN has continued to report all the near misses between commercial aircraft and “rogue private drones”. 60 Police Departments are Testing Drones in The US; More to Come as “Public Grows Comfortable”.

deadly drone

Of course we all heard the story of the teen that managed to attach a handgun to a drone. That totally scares the average idiot that can’t process that this is just a handgun and that there are predator drones controlled by much more powerful entities. The latest report was that a private drone crashed in the stands at a professional tennis match. These highlighted dangers and general disruption in the bread and circuses of America are designed to point John Q Public to the planned conclusion. Bottom line: “Let us run the drones and keep them out of the hands of the citizenry”.
Now for some real advice: I predict dog fights in the coming future. As Skynet takes over the only defense will be personal drones that can attempt to defend humanity against the more powerful, more advanced evil drones.

Drone statistics:

drone hunting
Get your drones now while they are still legal!! They will be illegal soon!
Stay private!