Are Syrian Refugees Coming to Your Town?

During five consecutive years (2006-2011) Syria endured a humanitarian crisis so big that even the government went on record to say they could not help everyone. A drought struck the country during this time period, driving hundreds of thousands of farmers out of business and into cities looking for work. People were starving and many Syrians began emigrating out of the country in droves, mostly to neighboring countries. Despite the official end to the drought, civil war broke out in 2011 and the country is being destroyed from the inside out as this is being written.

 Turkey syrian refugees kurds

In all honesty, most people around the world went about their business: going to work every day, spending time with their families, reading, exercising, traveling, watching tv, etc. However, at some point in 2015, a crack began to form in the dam that held back the story. As war and turmoil raged on throughout the middle-east, refugees began to surface in larger and larger numbers throughout Europe. For example, Germany appears to be taking on hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees alone – more than any other country.


Then disaster struck: On November 13, 2015 the Paris Terror plot unfolded and at least 130 innocent people died in the streets, in cafes and at music concerts. The Islamic State in Syria (ISIS), a group of Muslim fundamentalist terrorists claimed responsibility for the deaths one day after the massacre.  


It is clear that many immigrants coming from the middle-east are sampling fleeing the violence and want to stay alive. And no one can blame them for wanting a better life. But it is also clear that ISIS may be a serious threat to the west (the United States) now and we must take steps to protect ourselves.

paris tower soldiers 

A number of American State Governors have pledged to not allow any more Syrian Refugees into their states. While that sounds heartless, securing our borders may be a step that must be taken in order to stem the tide of violence that seems to be waiting on our doorstep. President Obama, on the other hand, has pledged to accept thousands of more Syrian immigrants onto US soil. And he’s doubled down on his promise, almost immediately after the Paris Friday the 13th Massacre Terrorist Attack.


There is a political divide that is alive and well in the United States, between those who believe in strong sovereignty (closed borders, reduced taxes, smaller government and independence) and those who wish to be a part of the bigger world government (inclusion, aid to foreign countries, lack of borders, bigger government and more taxes). While I commend those who want to help others, I would say to them what the counselor says to the drug addict: You cannot help others until you can help yourself.


Perhaps comparing Americans to drug addicts isn’t fair, or maybe it is. We are a nation of rampant legal and illegal drug use. But our biggest addiction is debt. Our financial standing in the world is collapsing and in 5o years we may be closer to a 3rd world nation than what we were during the golden age we experience 50 years ago; yet we want to bend over backwards to help people thousands of miles away settle in our country, knowing full well that many of them resent, if not hold disdain, the western lifestyle and see it as unacceptable. Our debt is into the $ Trillions, our healthcare system has out priced most Americans, the middle class is shrinking – making way for the rich to get richer, and our educational system is in shambles.


The writing is on the wall. You must protect yourself in this world.



Political History of Syria:

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