How Many Prisons (and Prisoners) are Near You?

According to Department of Justice statistics, there are almost 7 MILLION people in the U.S. that are “under the supervision of adult correctional systems.” Ever wonder how many of these prisoners live near you?

prison wire

While you may feel safe now, imagine a situation where the electric grid is down and all the electrical locking doors at a prison open up, releasing all those criminals. And you may be shocked by how many criminals are housed near you. Texas has the largest prison population in the United States, at around 700,000. And in Texas, it’s not unusual to find small cities and towns that have 1 prisoner forever 2 citizens, a surprising number by itself.


All this matters because it’s up to you to secure your home and prepare for all possible worst case scenarios: tornadoes, floods, terror strikes, nuclear meltdowns and even prison breaks. Are you prepared?


Search for prisons in your state: (use search function)


Department of Justice 2014 Publications on the Prisons in the United States:

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