Security Light For Power Outages

Years ago, the idea of lighting up your home during a power outage involved disposable batteries and cheesy flashlights. But today, solar powered lights have become affordable, powerful, efficient and super easy to install. And they provide a great option for any time security at your house.

burglar motion solar light

Ever wondered about the security at your home during a power outage? If you have a security system that runs on electricity, then it will not function in a power outage (unless there’s a serious battery backup) and neither will your security lights. But sometimes appearances can outsmart or discourage criminals looking for an easy target, even when a security system isn’t working. How? Well if you’re on a budget like many Americans but you want to secure your home without spending tens of thousands on solar power equipment, you can buy a solar powered light system for your home. These systems run using a small solar cell that charges a small battery and transfers electricity to LED lights. Energy is stored in the battery during the day and then can be used when activated at night. Many of these units also have motion sensors, which work great against prowlers and burglars.

Small, LED solar-powered lighting systems range from $25-$75 and can be purchased at places like Harbor Freight or many places on the web. They’re a great, inexpensive addition to your home security system, and they will work even if the power goes out in a winter storm , hurricane or other disaster.

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