Is ISIS Operating Terrorist Training Camps in Mexico?

The Enquirer is reporting that ISIS may be operating a terrorist operation just 10 miles from the Texas – Mexico Border, near El Paso, Texas. If this is true, it could be the beginning of a nightmare that no one thought could happen.

Many Americans have believed in the past that wars in the Middle East, despite the involvement of western powers like the United States, would stay in the Middle East. Having an ocean and thousands of miles between America and wars in the middle east seemed like an effective buffer and may have even emboldened US foreign policy, allowing for easier public approval of foreign wars. Imagine if countries located nearer to the Middle East, such as Israel or Greece, had declared war in Afghanistan, Iran or Iraq. Public support would not be present, at least at the level it has persisted in the US.


If it is true that terrorists have begun to establish forward operating bases or camps just south of the US Border in Mexico, the war on terror will take on a new look – and it’s not pretty. Now more than ever it’s up to each individual to take it upon themselves to secure yourself and secure your home. Assess your home: are you ready to defend your castle if armed men show up at your door? What will you do?

What is your plan for a security emergency? Can you communicate with your family during an emergency? Do you have a back-up plan for where you can go to take shelter, or perhaps join like-minded others who are defending themselves?

There are many more questions to consider. Are you ready? We pray that the threat of terrorism never comes this close to home, but we must have the resolve to prepare for anything.



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