Pay With Cash

When it comes to financial transactions in the privacy world, cash is king! Cash allows you to maintain your privacy when checks and credit cards can leave a long paper trail for all the wrong bad guys to follow.

cash envelope 

Reasons to use Cash:

No. 1: Cash is not traceable. It’s a uniform currency that everyone has and everyone should use.

No. 2: Keeps you out of debt. If you don’t use a credit card (money you don’t have), then you are only buy things with the real money in your hand. When you don’t have the money, you don’t buy anything. It’s that simple. And debt is just another way to be tracked!

No. 3: No online transactions. You can’t use greenbacks to buy stuff on

No. 4: U.S. Dollars are accepted almost everywhere in the world. If you find yourself needing to depart to another country quickly, you can take your dollars along and not worry about exchange or acceptability.

No. 5: Less Risk of Identity Theft. If you are not using checks and credit cards, no one can steal your data.

No.6: Provides More Freedom. Cash gives you the freedom to buy/purchase anywhere it is accepted, which is pretty much everywhere – unlike some bank/credit cards and checks.

No. 7. negotiate a better deal. When you are holding the cash, you can negotiate a better deal. Cash holds power!

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