Top 5 Privacy Gifts to Give this Christmas

This Christmas you could do the usual and buy a bunch of Chinese import junk for your family and friends. This is just par for the course. You show up at the party with a gift for everyone. You know, a tie for dad, some costume jewelry for mom and lead contaminated choke hazard or two for the young children. You’re good to go and you made it another year of satisfying the Hallmark tradition and not drawing attention to yourself as a Scrooge. In my opinion it’s a symptom of slavery.

It’s up to you but this year if you would like to be an adult you may want to step to the plate and give some actual useful gifts this year. But I must warn you: if you take any of my suggestions you may walk away from the Christmas party feeling like you actually gave a present your friends and family will use and appreciate. You may also feel good about the money you spent rather than the usual guilt hangover felt around December 26th each year!

So here’s my best suggestions for the privacy seeker in your circle of people.

  1. Of Course I am going to suggest the best book on the market for privacy: “Disappear in 24 Hours” by Lonn E. Wolfenstein. Get it on the privacyliving website by clicking “products”. This eBook is well worth it at $39.95 but I am going to give you a new link where you can buy it right now on sale for $17.95. Just click here This is a great tool to have on hand if you need to get out of the limelight quick or if you just want some great tips on privacy. The info is all packed into this very informative book.disappear in 24 hours
  2. Silver Bullion: I love silver and it’s a really great gift. There are some people on my list that get silver coins from me every year. This works great for children who get too many toys anyway. If you buy them silver every year, by the time they are adults they will have a good backup savings for a currency collapse.
  3. Drones: This is actually a hot item this year, so good luck getting a quality one. Drones work great for counter surveillance and just a good time all together. Just remember that the privacy of the actual film taken is in question. Check the Go Pro camera scandal a couple of years back.
  4. Lifestraw: I’m not sure what’s more amazing: This little miracle item that can allow you to drink clean water from a polluted stream or the fact that many people still don’t know this item even exists. It’s a really great affordable item that provides the most important nutritional element to human life: water. Great for anyone on the go….or on the run!lifestraw
  5. Guns and Ammo: This doesn’t have to be a crazy expensive gift if you don’t want it to be. Just find out what weapon your recipient already has and get them some ammo. If you want to go all out then get them a gun you think would benefit them. Nothing complements privacy as well as a well defended home. “A strong man armed guarding his estate will not see his possessions disturbed” Luke 11:21

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