Immigration: A Real Drain On US Resources

Each month thousands of immigrants are spilling across America’s border to the south. And the number of immigrants from Central and South America is growing. Why? Because here in the United States the policy of the US Government has gone from one where there are measured opportunities for immigrants to the unofficial policy of making bold promises to anyone who can get across the border. The word on the street in other countries is that if you can get to America (legally or illegally) the streets are paved with gold! You’ll be welcomed with open arms by the government that wants to pay for your healthcare, give you money and take care of you.

Unfortunately, Americans won’t be able to pay for unlimited immigration, just like we can’t pay for unlimited wars in other countries, unlimited foreign aid, a growing, limitless populace that expects their healthcare and benefits to be paid for and so many other government entitlements. illegal mexican immigrants

The pattern here is that more and more tax dollars are being spent, the expectation for more is rising, and the group of tax payers is shrinking in comparison of those that are taking. The outlook for our countries security does not look good for the future.

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