8 Reasons Financial Crisis May Be On The Horizon For 2016

I’ve blogged before on this topic, and you may wonder what a financial meltdown has to do with privacy and security issues. The answer is that a financial crisis for the world and for the United States would be a disaster for privacy and security, amongst other things.

I found a great article that speaks the truth about our financial status in both the world and in the U.S. at Nasdaq.com published about 18 months ago. Some of the predictions have either come to fruition or have become exacerbated since the articles publication. These days articles like these, which don’t hold back and tell it like it is, are harder and harder to find. Heed these words…looters

8 Reasons Why a New Global Financial Crisis Could Be On The Way

Stock Market Bubble

Chinese Banking

Energy Crisis (Already Under Way!)

New Real Estate Bubble

Corporate Failures

Geopolitical Crisis (Syria in Chaos!)

Poverty Crisis

Cash Crisis


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