Easy Ways to Protect Your Home From Burglary

As the United States and other countries watch their middle class deflate into a poor class, as thousands of Americans find themselves without jobs and as times get tougher, desperation has become a reality for many people. And as people become desperate to have an income or even feed themselves and their family, they may be more tempted to do something illegal, like steal. I’m not trying to make excuses for criminals; I’m simply sharing the reality of a bad situation – even good people are capable of evil when push comes to shove.

Home security

Home Invasion Protection

So what can you do to protect your family, assets and your home as the American Empire declines and the American Dream deflates? We at privacyliving.com have several suggestions, many of which are logical, simple and free.

  1. Don’t be flashy. Minimize the showy jewelry, cars and other things that might make people think that you have tons of money they can steal.
  2. Don’t drive a flashy, luxury car – especially something shiny and new. Criminals assume that people who like to spend money, have money – even if they potential victim is in debt up to their eye balls.
  3. Simplify the outside of your home. Keep the yard simple, keep anything that would attract thieves locked up, or in the back yard out of site – like tools, toys, etc.
  4. Keep your doors locked. Lots of people think it’s ok to leave them open or unlocked. This is a mistake and the “in” that a criminal thief is looking for.
  5. Don’t brag about expensive items like jewelry, guns, sporting toys (like kayaks, atvs, etc.) or having cash at home to anyone. If someone over hears or someone jokes about it to the wrong person, you may be inviting a home invasion that could endanger your family.
  6. Don’t share information on Facebook or other social media about family plans or your whereabouts. Thieves now use social media to determine the best time for break ins.

Stay alert. Stand out on the street and look at your home, pretending that you are a thief. What would you be looking for if you were a thief?


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