Bundy Is Back! This is How it Will Affect Your Privacy

Now that we are several days into another standoff between citizens and the Federal family it appears this new year is shaping up to be a wild one!  Now that Ammon Bundy and his group have taken over a federal building in Oregon the entire Privacy/Conspiracy/Patriot community is on edge….and for good reason.  I’m not reporting on the event itself but I think it is important for my readers to understand what is afoot when it comes to privacy and this incident.  It is also very important that you read the article we posted several days ago about Agenda 21 so you can fully understand what is happening at this protest.  This is all a big part of the Re-Wilding Project and is aimed at removing humans from their land and forcing them into city life.  That is the big part of this the media is blacked out on. (I wonder why?)bundy protest
First of all I disagree with those who believe that this incident is going to end the way Ruby Ridge and the Waco standoff ended.  Foolish generals are the ones who continue to fight the last war.  There are new tactics that will be deployed on these people and you may have already guessed what they will be.  This time they will not be raided and shot in the back.  It will be much more subtle.  Drones are going to be deployed to take photos and use facial recognition software to identify the individual at the protest.  As these individuals leave the location they will be individually apprehended and taken to jail.  I’m sure deals will be available to them if they will just cooperate.
If I am wrong and predator drones are called in to exterminate the protesters then it will spark nationwide outrage and more events will erupt all over the US.  I only point this out because we all know this.  The government also knows this very well.  In fact, if any of these protesters accidentally slips and falls or accidentally shoots himself the skeptical American public would still blame the government.  So they know very well that it is in their best interest to protect these protesters.  OR DO THEY?
The reason the American public is so nervous about this entire event is because if a nationwide protest breaks out then it will be time for martial law.  This pivotal moment at a Federal Wildlife sanctuary could shape the future of this country forever and the protesters have placed the ball in the court of alphabet agencies.  If there is another Waco or Ruby Ridge it will be done by these agencies with full knowledge that it will spark a revolt and bring in martial law.  If that comes then your private life will change significantly.
ron paul revere
Prepare yourself for the worst but pray for the best.
Finally, I would like to give a shout out to Twitter for disconnecting Mr. Bundy’s Twitter account.  Your actions speak volumes!

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