A Huge Hole In Your Home Security Plan

If your home has an electric garage door opener – the kind that when you pull up to your driveway you just press a button and your garage door opens – you may have a big security flaw in your home security system. And you probably didn’t even know the security breach existed. How?garage door opener break in

Most garages are attached to the home, and provide direct access to the interior of the home, where the people and things are that you want to protect. Many people keep their garage door opener remote inside their car for convenience.

You arrive home, tired from a long day at work, and instead of having to get out of your car and manually open a garage door, you simply press the button and drive your car into the garage. A remote control for your garage door opener is such a convenient, simple technology and it makes life so easy. Maybe too easy – even for criminals.

Have you ever considered what might happen if your car is broken into while parked outside your garage or at your place of work? By simply breaking a car window, a thief would be able to steal your garage door remote and have instant access to your home.

Make your castle more secure. Here’s how:

1.       DO NOT keep the garage door remote in your car.

2.      Hide your garage door remote if you are going to keep it in your car.

3.      Keep the door between the garage and the interior of the home locked.

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